Video Verderosa, Tony: Live in NYC

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Tony Verderosa is widely considered to be a leading authority on Live Sample Triggering and Electronic drumming. In the past 5 years he has focused on perfecting his one man live Techno concept which originated in the underground scene in NYC. He has been releasing records on his NY based label, Thwak!, and also just released 3 new Live Videos that document his shockingly innovative approach to electronic music.

His Live DJ Drumming Sets are "Essential Knowledge" for ANY electronic musicians and DJ's that are serious about performing in a truly Improvisational setting.

His recordings have received critical acclaim in the underground community as well as more Jazz based publications such as DownBeat Magazine (4 star reviews). He has shared the stage with Underworld, recorded and performed with Drum N Bass Producer Jamie Myerson, Pop Producer Philippe Saisse, Cold Cut, The Brecker Brothers and Angelique Kidjo among many others.

A classically trained percussionist, he has mastered a hybrid electro-acoustic percussion system that allows him to play melodies, harmonies, bass lines, loops, vocal samples and sound effects all in realtime.

As Tony describes it, "It's like combining the best parts of being a composer, piano player, bass player and DJ....... Totally LIVE!."
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