DVD Wallace, Robert: Learn Brazilian Rhythms on the Pandeiro Vol. 2

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Product Description:
Learn to play PANDEIRO! In this comprehensive, 2-volume DVD set you will learn everything needed to play pandeiro with confidence and style. Robert Wallace's expert, detailed and patient teaching style will have you playing samba, partido alto, baiao, Brazilian clave, funk and more in no time! This 2-volume DVD set is taught IN ENGLISH and includes historical and cultural backgrounds for each rhythm.

Robert Wallace, The Drum Guy, has performed internationally with World Music superstars Bonnie Riatt (USA), David Rudder (Trinidad), Margareth Menezes (Brazil), and Jovino Santos Neto (Brazil). He has studied pandeiro with Marcos Suzano, Guello, and Claudio Ferriera in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador Bahia and Recife, Brazil. Robert has shared his personable and effective teaching style with thousands of students in the US and over-seas.

In this breakthrough 2-Volume DVD set, you will learn how to hold the pandeiro, how to create the BASIC NOTES, pandeiro fundamentals to help you access the touch and feel of the instrument. Learn five specific stretches to prepare your body to play pandeiro. Learn the secret behind creating "rolls" on the pandeiro.

In Volume 1, you'll receive note-by-note instructions on the following rhythms:
- Samba
- Capoeira
- Partido alto
- Baiao

In Volume 2, you'll learn these additional rhythms:
- Second Capoeira rhythm
- 3/2 Clave
- Brazilian Clave
- Funk

Every rhythm is broken down and taught SLOWLY with a close-up on Robert's hands and pandeiro so you can learn all the nuances and hand techniques.

Track List Volume 2: Approx. running time 86 mins.

  1. Introduction
  2. Pandeiro Care and Tuning
  3. Stretching
  4. Basic Notes
  5. Pandeiro Musical Fundamentals
  6. Capoeira #2
  7. Baiao
  8. 3/2 Clave
  9. Brazilian Clave
  10. Funk
  11. Conclusion
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