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Late Nite Series LN1 Holz- oder Rattanstiel Super Soft - für Marimba, sehr leise Schlägel, beinahe lautlos, fast schleifende Artikulation, geeignet zum Üben in der Wohnung oder hinter der Bühne; entwickelt von Leigh Howard Stevens und Tony Miceli.

About Late Nite series:

Malletech announces the Late Nite Series (low volume practice mallets), developed jointly by Tony Miceli and Leigh Howard Stevens.  These are mallets designed specifically for practice in apartments, dorms and off stage, where you need to play quietly but still want to dig in on the instrument. Imagine living in an apartment and being able to practice at midnight, with normal strokes, and not get evicted!  After the first couple of minutes, you’ll wonder how you survived all these years without having a set or two of these in your mallet bag.

There are two models on rattan handles and two on full-length birch.  Tony uses both rattan models and Leigh uses both birch models. LN1s are loosely wrapped with a softer, loftier yarn than LN2s, so they are even quieter.  They can slur like an Albright vibes or Stevens marimba model.  You can hear your notes and dynamics, but “they” can’t…

LN2s are snugly wound with 100% nylon yarn. They are articulate, but nearly silent.  If you like “normal” tight-wrap vibe mallets, these are for you.  If you are a marimba player who likes mallets that are articulate and “clean” at low dynamic levels, these are for you.

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