Mallets Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-10 Wood

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Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-10 Wood medium soft

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The weighted smooth-mood genius


SV-10 is the smoothest model of the series.  Labelled as Medium-Soft, this mallet will cover the entire register, but its potential is best experienced in the mid-low range of the vibes.   The mallet is 4-5 grams heavier than the other three models of the Contemporary-Solo series. The weight, in combination with the head size, shape and smoothness, will produce an excellent, rich tone with a lot of fundament (no disturbing overtones). SV-10 is ideal for slower, jazzy or contemplative solo pieces, and certainly perfect as bass mallet in the left hand.  Extra bonus: on Marimba you will get a better sound than with most „marimba mallets“ out there. Wrapped with practically indestructable synthetic blend yarn.

Use it as a set of four SV-10, the ideal combination as bass mallet with three SV-20, but also as a set of three SV-10 with a TOP SV-20 for clearer soprano  melody lines.

  • Weight: 44g +/- 2g   (depending on  rattan)
  • Head Size: 36 mm
  • Color: creamy white/dark blue stitch
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 40-44
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