Mallets Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-20 Wood

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Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-20 Wood medium general

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Your general choice, all-rounder for vibes

SV-20 is  a general performance mallet, perfect all-rounder for any situation. It is the first mallet choice that will cover almost every performance situation, IF your general sound idea is clear but never on the harsh side of the spectrum.  This is what most players would consider a Medium hardness mallet, we prefer to say GENERAL performing model.  Works on the entire instrument,  with almost no contact noise, it will bring a clear, „classical“ sound. We do believe it will be a very refreshing option for Jazz players out there. Mallet is best choice for „Blues for Gilbert“, or „Suomineito“  style pieces,  (in combination with SV-10 in Bass) also very good for some contemporary  vibes pieces of modern composers.  Also you will be surprised  how this mallet works on MARIMBA. For all pieces using Marimba/Vibraphone in a set, SV-20 is the number one choice.  The head shape and size come from „marimbistic“ background… Wrapped with practically indestructable synthetic blend yarn.

Use it on its own, as a set of four SV-20,  or in combination  with one  SV-10 as bass mallet, but also  as a set of three SV-20 with a TOP SV-30 that will make the  top register and melodies really clear. If you are ok with 3 different mallets on vibes, try SV-10, two SV-20 in the middle and SV-30 on the top. You will hear nuances  and inner voices like never before.

  • Weight: 39g +/- 2g (depending on rattan)
  • Head Size: 36 mm
  • Color: creamy white / bordeaux stich
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 52-55
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