Mallets Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-30 Rattan

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Schlagkraft Vibraphone SV-30 Rattan medium hard

General, yet strong and clear contemporary solo mallet

SV-30 is labelled as a medium-hard mallet, and yes, it is an all-rounder, but for those who prefer a stronger, clearer  sound.  These mallets project excellently and are the best choice in a jazz  group where vibe solos (those fast licks and crazy runs you people like to play;) need to be clear. So, if your general sound approach is rather on the harder, clearer side, SV-30 is your first choice.. SV-30 works on the entire instrument, it has a clear fundament but also a percussive attack in contact with the bar, and produces a clear, strong, „contemporary“ urban vibe sound. The VS-30 is also the best choice for pieces like Loops, Omar, Black Clouds,  and similar contemporary  pieces by modern composers. Wrapped with practically indestructable synthetic blend yarn.

Use it on its own, as a set of four SV-30,  or  in combination  with one  SV-20 as a bass mallet.  In a percussion ensemble it will also do a perfect job as a bass mallet in combination with three SV-40. 

  • Weight: 37g +/-2g (depending on rattan)
  • Head Size: 36 mm
  • Color: creamy white  / orange stich
  • Schlagkraft sound scale: 60-64
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