Tambourin Grover T2/HS Hybrid Silver

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Grover Pro Percussion proudly introduces their newest addition to their tambourine lineup.....the T2/HS Hybrid Silver model. This model features both German Silver and Heat Treated Silver jingles that produce a full, bright sound similar to the standard German Silver model, but with the added articulation at low dynamics like the other Heat Treated models.

Our Hybrid Silver Tambourine brings together the resonance of the popular German Silver model with the crisp clarity of our Heat-Treated Silver model tambourine. Well suited to all playing situations, the sonority of this tambourine is defined yet complex. This tambourine is especially effective in less than desirable acoustic environments. Clearly, the Hybrid Silver Tambourine is the perfect choice for players who demand the best of both worlds!

Grover Pro Percussion combines modern technology with "old world" craftsmanship to produce the finest concert tambourines available. A Free Tambourine Bag is included with this model.

Dr. John Parks, Professor of Percussion at Florida State University describes this model this way: "The new Grover HYBRID tambourine combines the best of both Grover worlds: the incredible articulation and vintage nuances of the heat-treated instruments with the full, beautiful sound of the standard German Silver model. A PERFECT TAMBOURINE FOR EVERY APPLICATION - it has quickly become my "go to" instrument".

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