Kastagnetten Epstein 5 G

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5 G - heller, hoher Klang; Orchester-Stiel-Kastagnetten, schwarzes Granadillo-Holz

Frank Epstein’s imported, concert-quality Symphonic Castanets are made from only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Available in rich, black grenadillo or lustrous rosewood, Frank Epstein’s castanets are built with centuries-old Hispanic workmanship that demands and draws the best musical tone from these rare woods.

Additionally, old world artistry and an exclusive handle design by Frank Epstein himself, the mastery of crisp, pure articulation is brought within the reach of every orchestra’s percussionists.

All castanets come with the exclusive Frank Epstein handle permanently mounted for maximum control, rhythmic articulation, and a beautiful tone.

Now available in two distinctive woods and three pitch ranges!

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