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Artikel-Nr.: 024-1056
Virgil Donati - 104 S.; 8 Play-along-Titel, Drum Transcriptions, Drum Charts, Analysen; Double Bass Ostinatos, Text engl.; mittel bis schwer
28,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1087
Ultimate Minus One Drums Trax (Buch + CD) - 45 S.; 5 Songs als Play-along mit ausgeschr. Drumparts: Pull me under, Metropolis Part 1, Peruvian Skies, 6:00, Voices.
22,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1282

Drum Hero - Pop & Rock Standards - 84 S.; 14 legendäre Songs  von Queen, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Toto, Deep Purple u.a. zum Mitspielen; mittelschwer; Audio Tracks als Download

22,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1062
Drum Play-along Vol. 1 Pop Rock - 55 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Police, Message in a bottle; Genesis, No Reply; Yes, Owner of a lonely heart; Steely Dan, Peg; Toto, Rosanna; Journey, Separate Ways; Steve Miller Band, Swingtown; J.Cougar, Hurts so
18,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1057
55 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Heart, Baracuda; Beatles, Come Together; Golden Earring, Radar Love; Deep Purple, Space Truckin; Aerosmith, Walk this Way; Cream, White Room; Who, Won't get fooled again; Mountain, Mississippi Queen.
20,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1063
55 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Ozzy Osbourne, Bark at the moon; Kiss, Detroit Rock City; Judas Priest, Living after midnight; Van Halen, Panama; Scorpions, Rock you like a hurricane; Iron Maiden, Run to the hills; Deep Purple, Smoke on the water;
16,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1064
48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: System of a down, Chop Suey; Slipknot, Duality; Korn, Here to stay; Perfect Circle, Judith; Incubus, Nice to know you; Limp Bizkit, Nookie; Linkin Park, One step closer; Godsmack, Whatever.
19,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1065
Drum Play-along Vol. 5 Funk (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: S.Wonder, Superstition; Tower of Power, Soul Vaccination; Earth, Wind & Fire, Shining Star; Average White Band, Pick up the pieces; Isley Brothers, It's your thing; Parliament, Flashlight; James Brown, Cold Sweat; Meters, Cissy Strut.
20,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1147
Drum Play-along Vol. 6 '90s Rock (Buch + CD) - 54 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Pearl Jam, Alive; Janes Addiction, Been Caught Stealing; Smashing Pumpkins, Cherub Rock; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Give it Away; Live, I Alone; Foo Fighters, I'll stick around; Alice in Chains, No Excuses; Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit
21,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1146
Drum Play-along Vol. 7 Punk Rock (Buch + CD) - 40 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Blink 182, All the small things; Green Day, Brain Stew; Weezer, Buddy Holly; All-American Rejects, Dirty Little Secret; Sum-41, Fat Lip; American Hi-Fi, Flavor of the Weak; Good Charlotte, Lifestyles; Offspring, Self Esteem
18,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1104
Drum Play-along Vol. 8 '80s Rock (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Living Colour, Cult of Personality; Kiss, Heavens on Fire; Def Leppard, Rock of Ages; Cinderella, Shake Me; Mötley Crüe, Smokin in the Boys Room; Poison, Talk Dirty to Me; Twisted Sister, We're not Gonna Take It; Bon Jovi, You Give Love a Bad Name.
22,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1243

Drum Play-along Vol. 9 Cover Band Hits (+ Audio Access) - 40 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Cruise • Ex's & Oh's • Get Lucky • Nobody to Blame • Shut up and Dance • Thinking Out Loud • Uptown Funk • The Walker. Play-along tracks über Internet Zugang

19,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1102

Drum Play-along Vol. 10 Blink-182 (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Adams Song, All the small things, Dammit, Feeling this, Man overboard, The Rock Show, Stay together for the kids, Whats my age again?

24,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1086
Drum Play-along Vol. 11 Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits (Buch + CD) - 62 S.; 12 Songs zum Mitspielen: Purple Haze, Fire, Wind Cries Mary, Hey Joe, Can you see me?, All along the watchtower, Stone Free u.a.
22,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1161
Drum Play-along Vol. 12 The Police (Buch + CD) - 56 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Can't Stand Losing, De Do Do Do, Don't Stand so Close, Every Breath you take, Every little thing she does, Spirits in the Material World, Synchronicity II, Walking on the moon.
20,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1148
Drum Play-along Vol.13 Steely Dan (Buch + CD) - 52 S.; 7 Songs zum Mitspielen: Deacon Blues, Do It Again, FM, Hey Nineteen, Josie, My Old School, Reeling in the Years
24,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1135

Drum Play-along Vol. 15 The Beatles - 38 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Back in the USSR, Day Tripper, Drive My Car, Get Back, A Hard Day's Night, Paperback Writer, Revolution, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Play-along tracks als Audio download online

22,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1214

Drum Play-along Vol. 16 Blues (Buch + CD) - 36 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Hooker, Boom Boom; Otis Rush, All your Love; A. King, Crosscut Saw; B. Bland, Further on up the Road; Clapton, I'm Tore Down; Muddy Waters, I'm your hoochie coochie man; Ray Vaughan, The sky is crying; B.B. King, The Thrill is gone

22,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1126
Drum Play-along Vol. 17 Nirvana (Buch + CD) - 40 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: About a girl, All apologies, Come as you are, Dumb, Heart shaped box, In Bloom, Lithium, Smells like teen spirit
20,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1178
Drum Play-along Vol. 18 Motown (Buch + CD) - 38 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Temptations, Aint too proud to beg; Martha & Vandellas, Dancing in the street; Rare Earth, Get Ready; Marvin Gaye, How Sweet it is; Four Tops, I can't help myself; Stevie Wonder, Sir Duke; Supremes, Stop in the name of love; Smokey Robinson, You've really got a hold on me
20,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1108

Drum Play-along Vol. 19 Rockband (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Jet, Are you gonna be my girl; Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun; Radiohead, Creep; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dani California; Nirvana, In bloom; Foo Fighters, Learn to fly; Weezer, Say it ain't so; Killers, When you were young

21,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1122
Drum Play-along Vol. 20 Rockband (Buch + CD) - 56 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Sweet, Ballroom Blitz; Kiss, Detroit Rock City; Blue Oyster Cult, Don't fear the Reaper; Deep Purple, Highway Star; Mountain, Mississippi Queen; Clash, Should I stay or should I go; D. Bowie, Suffragette City; Aerosmith, Train kept a-rollin'
16,57 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1274

Drum Play-along Vol. 21 Weezer (Buch + CD) - 40 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Buddy Holly, Say It Ain't So, Undone - The Sweater Song, My Name Is Jonas, Hash Pipe, Dope Nose, Beverly Hills, Pork And Beans. Play-along tracks auf CD

17,80 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1215

Drum Play-along Vol. 22 Black Sabbath (Buch + CD) - 54 S.; 7 Songs zum Mitspielen: Children of the Grave, Iron Man, N.I.B., Paranoid, Bloody Sabbath, Sweet Leaf, War Pigs

19,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1216

Drum Play-along Vol. 23 The Who - 54 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Baba O'Riley, Bargain, Behind blue eyes, Kids are alright, Long live Rock, Pinball Wizard, The Seker, Won't get fooled again

29,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1171
Drum Play-along Vol. 24 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon (Buch + CD) - 7 Songs des gleichn. Albums zum Mitspielen; Time, Money, Us and Them u.a.
21,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1181
Drum Play-along Vol. 25 Bob Marley (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Could you be loved, Get up stand up, Is this love, Jamming, No Woman no cry, Stir it up, Three little birds, Waiting in vain
21,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1204

Drum Play-along Vol. 26 Aerosmith (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Back in the saddle, Draw the Line, Dream ON, Last Child, Mama Kin, Same old song and dance, Sweet emotion, Walk this way

19,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1179
Drum Play-along Vol. 27 Modern Worship (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Beautiful One; Days of Elijah; Hear our praises; Holy is the Lord; How great is our god; I give you my heart; Worthy is the lamb; You are holy
13,95 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1275

Drum Play-Along Vol. 28: Avenged Sevenfold (Buch + CD) - 64 S.; 7 Songs zum Mitspielen: Nightmare - Scream - Bat Country - Unholy Confessions - Beast And The Harlot - Almost Easy - Afterlife. Play-along tracks auf CD

25,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1249

Drum Play-along Vol. 30 Dream Theater - 10 Songs zum Mitspielen: Breaking All Illusions • Erotomania • Fatal Tragedy • Hell's Kitchen • In the Presence of Enemies - Part 1 • Metropolis-Part 1 “The Miracle and the Sleeper” • On the Backs of Angels • Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: I. Overture • Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: II. About to Crash • Under a Glass Moon. Play-along Tracks als online download

26,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1195
Drum Play-along Vol. 31 Red Hot Chili Peppers (Buch + CD) - 56 S.; 9 Songs zum Mitspielen: Rain Dance Maggie, By the way, Californication, Can't Stop, Dani California, Scar Tissue, Suck My Kiss, Tell me Baby, Under the Bridge
24,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1201

Drum Play-along Vol. 32 Songs for Beginners (Buch + CD) - 36 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Queen, Another one bites the dust; M.Jackson, Billie Jean; Creedence Clearwater, Green River; Beatles, Helter Skelter; Tom Petty, I won't Back Down; Judas Priest, Living after Midnight; Hoobastank, The Reason; Green Day, 21 Guns.


19,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1276

Drum Play-along Vol. 33 James Brown (Buch+ CD) - 56 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Call Me Super Bad (Parts 1, 2 & 3) • Cold Sweat, Pt. 1 • Get Up (I Feel like Being a Sex Machine) • Get Up Offa That Thing • Give It Up or Turnit a Loose • I Got the Feelin' • I Got You (I Feel Good) • Papa's Got a Brand New Bag. Play-along tracks auf CD

21,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1221

Drum Play-along Vol. 34 U2 (Buch + CD) - 44 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Beautiful Day, Desire, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, Mysterious Ways, New Year's Day, In the Name of Love, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Where the streets have no name

18,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1231

Drum Play-along Vol. 35 Buddy Rich (+ Audio Access) - 86 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Birdland, Dancing Men, Groovin' Hard, Keep the customer satisfied, Love for Sale, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Norwegian Wood, Nutville; Play-along tracks als Internet Download

Birdland Demo-Audio

24,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1273

Drum Play-Along Vol. 36 Wipe Out & 7 Other Fun Songs (Buch + CD) - 40 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Hawaii Five-O Theme · Let There Be Drums · Sing, Sing, Sing · Tequila · Walk Don't Run · Who Do You Love · Wipe Out · Woo-Hoo. Play-along tracks auf CD

22,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1224

Drum Play-along Vol. 37 Slayer (Buch + CD) - 48 S.; 7 Songs zum Mitspielen: Angel of Death, Dead Skin Mask, Piece by Piece, Postmortem, Raining Blood, Seasons in the Abyss, South of Heaven

22,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1281

Drum Play-Along Vol. 38 Eagles - 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Already Gone • Heartache Tonight • Hotel California • Life in the Fast Lane • The Long Run • One of These Nights • Tequila Sunrise • Witchy Woman. Play-along Tracks als online download

22,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1232

Drum Play-Along Vol. 39 Kiss Drums - 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, Calling Dr. Love, I was made for loving you, Lick it up, Rock and Roll all nite, Shout it out loud, Strutter

20,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1272

Drum Play-along Vol. 40 Stevie Ray Vaughan (+ Audio Access) - 48 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Couldn't Stand the Weather - Crossfire - Empty Arms - The House Is Rockin' - Love Struck Baby - Pride and Joy - The Sky Is Crying - Tightrope. Play-along tracks als Internet Download

19,95 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1237

Drum Play-along Vol. 41 Rock Songs for Kids (+ Audio Access) - 40 S.; 8 leichte Songs zum Mitspielen: Beatles, Yellow Submarine; Beach Boys, Surfin USA; War, Low Rider; Black Eyed Peas, Let's get it started; Monkees, I'm a believer; Joan Jett, I love Rock 'n Roll; Pharrell, Happy; Jackson 5, ABC; Play-along tracks über Internet Zugang

21,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1235

Drum Play-along Vol. 42 Easy Rock Songs (+ Audio Access) - 46 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Free, All Right Now; Beastie Boys, Fight for your right to party; Spencer Davis Group, Gimme Some Lovin; AC/DC, Highway to Hell; Tom Petty, Learning to fly; White stripes, Seven Nation Army; ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man; Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama; Play-along tracks als Internet Download

21,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1250

Drum Play-along Vol. 45 Bon Jovi - 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Bad Medicine • Have a Nice Day • It's My Life • Lay Your Hands on Me • Livin' on a Prayer • Runaway • Wanted Dead or Alive • You Give Love a Bad Name. Play-along Tracks als online download

22,50 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1251

Drum Play-Along Vol. 48 Metallica: 1991-2016 - 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: The Day That Never Comes - Enter Sandman - Frantic - Fuel - King Nothing - Moth into Flame - Nothing Else Matters - The Unforgiven. Play-along Tracks als online download

22,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1278

Drum Play-along Vol. 49 Top Rock Hits (+ Audio Access) - 38 S.; 9 Songs zum Mitspielen: Believer (Imagine Dragons) • Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd) • Heathens (Twenty One Pilots) • Human (Rag 'N' Bone Man) • Lonely Boy (The Black Keys) • My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) (Fall Out Boy) • Paradise (Coldplay) • Unsteady (X Ambassadors) • Wish I Knew You (The Revivalists); Play-along tracks als Internet Download

19,90 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1271

Drum Play-Along Vol. 51 Deep Purple  (+ Audio Access) - 64 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Black Night - Fireball - Highway Star - Knocking at Your Back Door - Perfect Strangers - Smoke on the Water - Space Truckin' - Woman from Tokyo. Play-along tracks als Internet Download

20,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1277

Drum Play-Along Vol. 53 Pop Songs for Kids - 40 S.; 8 Songs zum Mitspielen: Bad Day (Daniel Powter) • Can't Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake) • Castle on the Hill (Ed Sheeran) • Counting Stars (OneRepublic) • Love Story (Taylor Swift) • Party in the U.S.A. (Miley Cyrus) • Sugar (Maroon 5) • What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction). Play-along tracks als Internet Download

19,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1088

Drum Along 10 Classic Rock Songs (Buch + CD) - 32 S.; 10 Play-alongs: Oasis, Supersonic; Beatles, Let it be; Police, Every Breath; B.Adams, Summer of 69; O.Redding, Dock of the Bay; B. Springsteen, Glory Days; Reamonn, Supergirl; Cure, Friday I'm in love; Coldplay, Clocks; System of a down, Lonely Day

19,99 *
Artikel-Nr.: 024-1098

Drum Along 10 More Rock Classics (Buch + CD) - 32 S.; 10 Play-alongs: Bloodhoundgang, Foxtrot Uniform; B.Adams, Run to you; Hooters, Johnny B.; Rasmus, In the Shadows; Maroon 5, This Love; Coldplay, In my place; Kaiser Chiefs, Ruby; 3 Doors Down, Here without you; U2, Pride (in the name of love); Spin Doctors, Two princes.

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