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Tambourin Grover T2/HTS

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Heat Treated Silver, 10" Durchmesser; bright, dry, super articulation

Our Heat-Treated Silver tambourine resounds with a superb combination of bright, extra dry, and full sonorities. Percussionists who desire an articulate, “crunchy” spread of overtones will appreciate the extra steps we take that crystalize the molecular structure of our German Silver alloy. The HTS tambourine is perfect for passages that require exaggerated articulation.


The World's Finest Concert Tambourines Since 1979!


Grover Pro Percussion combines modern technology with "old world" craftsmanship to produce the finest concert tambourines available.

All of our tambourines provide you the tools for creating dynamic response, articulation and tonal colors needed to sound your absolute best.

Each tambourine features a premium "natural skin" head which is glued and tacked to the traditional Grover solid shell (since 1979!).

Our unique "hand-hammered" jingles are made from one of three special alloys:
German Silver, Beryllium Copper and Phosphor Bronze.

These resonant alloys have been developed to produce only the richest, most sonorous sound. Our jingles are mounted in a staggered, "double-row" arrangement so smooth rolls are effortless.

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5 - 5 von 7 Ergebnissen