Lylloff, Bent: Tricky Biscuits for Snare Drum

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Title: Tricky Biscuits
Composer: Bent Lylloff
Instrument: Snare drum
Genre: percussion
Year of publication: 2007
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Bent Lylloff had one of the biggest profiles in the world of Scandinavian percussion. During his impressive career as a performer and teacher, he often encountered complex rhythms and recognized the technical and notational challenges they presented to students. He saw a need for a set of special exercises that would prepare them to meet these challenges. The exercises presented in this book are the result. They remained unpublished until the publication of this edition.

While these exercises/etudes are short, they are challenging on many musical levels. How they sounded to the listener as a piece of music, rather than how complicated the rhythms were or how they were notated, most concerned Bent. He encouraged his students to find the musical idea inherent in each exercise and to transcend the technical obstacles and make the music their own. He intended that the difficult notation of these pieces, while not always at first seeming to be logical, would inspire players to interpret the music in innovative ways.

Bent purposely did not provide sticking suggestions because he wanted his students to decide on the sticking they felt would give the best musical result. This obviously assumed that they had done their "homework" and were up to the task technically.

Bent was an outstanding musician. His ability to make a snare drum roll sing and melt into the music, for example, was a constant source of inspiration to us. He encouraged us to become strong players technically. But more importantly, he inspired us to become strong players musically.

Lennart Gruvstedt, prof. at the Academy of Music in Malmö, Sweden

Translation and interpretation made by Jan Williams, prof. Emeritus, University at Buffalo Music Department

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