Johnson, Jeffrey: The Level System

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The Level System - 52 S.; Snare Technikübungen, control of accents and Dynamics, different strokes, Rudiments, Flams, Rolls, Drumset Applications; Text engl.

This book is an overview of the level system as taught by George Lawrence Stone and Joe Morello. Use of this method will allow the performer to transition instantly between accented and unaccented notes. The level system is unlike most other methods of drumming because the hands always prepare for the upcoming note one stroke in advance by utilizing full strokes, downstrokes, upstrokes, and taps. This allows the drummer to perform within an extreme dynamic range while remaining free of tension. The Level System will prove to be a valuable aid to the drummer who has experience on the instrument but wishes to further develop a natural technique. It can also be an important tool for the beginning student first learning the techniques and rudiments of drumming. Drumset players will benefit from both the hand exercises and the drumset exercises in the last chapters.

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