Seiwell, Denny: What Not to Play! (Buch + DVD)

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What Not to Play! (Buch + DVD) - 43 S.; Anleitung zum Entwerfen eines Drumparts anhand von Paul McCartney Songs: My Love, Oh Woman oh Why, Uncle Albert etc.; weitere Tipps zu Sight-Reading, Rudiments etc.; Text engl.


With a list of drumming credits that include Paul McCartney and Wings, The Who's rock opera Tommy, and James Brown, Denny Seiwell has contributed his fair share of talent to hit records, TV and film scores, and much more. In What Not to Play! Denny draws on his decades of experience to show novice and accomplished drummers alike how to craft the perfect drum part in any recording or gigging situation, often de-constructing his work on existing recordings (such as "My Love" and "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey") in the process. The book also includes exercises for waking up the hands and tips on interpreting charts and sight-reading. The included DVD expands on the material as Denny provides both audio and visual examples that will help students in the rewarding experience of crafting a drum part.

Holding the Sticks Review  
The Nine Fundamental Rudiments  
Lesson 1: Single-Stroke Roll  
Lesson 2: Two- or Double-Stroke Roll  
Lesson 3: Three-Stroke Roll  
Lesson 4: Four-Stroke Roll  
Lesson 5: Five-Stroke Roll  
Lesson 6: Four-Stroke Ruff  
Lesson 7: Drag or Three-Stroke Ruff  
Lesson 8: Flam  
Lesson 9: Single-Stroke Roll  
Live and Let Die  
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey  
My Love  
Oh Woman, Oh Why  
Another Day  
When the Night  
Strange Weather  
Crazy Blues  
TV Commercial  
Bip Bop  
About the Author  

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