Beach, Doug/Shutack, George: The Power of Two Jazz Drumset mit MP3s

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The Power of Two Jazz Drumset with MP3s - 12 Jazz-Titel zum Mitspielen, leicht bis mittel, MP3 als Audio Download; weitere Instrumente der Rhythm Section und Melodie-Instrumente erhältlich


As a supplement to the previously published jazz duet books, The Power Of Two, these rhythm section books can be used individually or together in conjunction with the duet books to create 12 charts for jazz combo. The pieces include a variety of styles, tempos and harmonic progressions. Three downloadable MP3’s are included for each piece; a full performance, only the rhythm section parts, and finally a track that features both duet and rhythm section minus your part.

Contents: The Five Note Blues; Dorian Journey; Super Chief; Monk Lives; Whoopin' Blues; Timeline; Two Of A Kind; Street Smart; All In For The Blues; Amber And Trinita; Got Rhythm?; Coffee With Melnick

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