Glass, Daniel: Music Alive!'s Percussion (Buch + DVD-R)

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Music Alive!'s Percussion (Buch + DVD-R) - 190 S.; Geschichte, Grundlagen, Notenbeispiele; Percussion Basics and Introduction to Drumset, Basic Notation and Reading, Marching Percussion, Rudiments, Orchestral Percussion, Percussion around the world, Electronic Percussion, a Percussionist's Life, etc.; Text engl.

Award-winning author, columnist, performer, bandleader, and clinician Daniel Glass offers students a comprehensive introduction to drums and percussion. Trace the development of the modern drum kit while also exploring hand, concert, marching, and electronic percussion. Learn about great drummers from the jazz age through today. In addition to breaking down the equipment and accessories available to today's young drummer, notated lessons explore basic techniques for classical, world, jazz, rock and other genres. The included DVD offers footage from Glass' clinics and performances.


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