Goldenberg, Morris: Classic Symphonies for Timpani

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"This collection of timpani parts is a continuation of a series which began with CLASSIC OVERTURES for Timpani. Like its predecessor, this book's pages are reproduced from the standard orchestral editions used by every symphony in the land. The student who studies its contents will become familiar with the appearance of the professional timpanist's library, and will never have to unlearn what he has already accomplished. As before, the classic symphonies included here were selected because of the special role timpani part plays in the texture of each composition." [from foreword] "Table of Contents: Franz Joseph Haydn--- Symphony No. 94 (Surprise) [page 4], Symphony No. 100 [page 7], Symphony No. 101/London Symphony No. II (The Clock) [page 10]. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart--- Symphony No. 31, K.297 [page 13], Symphony No. 34, K.338 [page 16], Symphony No. 35, K.385 (Haffner) [page 19], Symphony No. 36, K.425 [page 21], Symphony No. 38, K.504 (Prague) [page 23], Symphony No. 39, K.543 [page 25], Symphony No. 41, K.551 (Jupiter) [page 27]. Ludwig van Beethoven--- Symphony No. 1 [page 29], Symphony No. 2 [page 31], Symphony No. 3 (Eroica) [page 34], Symphony No. 4 [page 38], Symphony No. 5 [page 42], Symphony No. 6/Sinfonia Pastorale [page 46], Symphony No. 7 [page 47], Symphony No. 8 [page 52], Symphony No. 9 [page 57]." [from book]
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