Ohlsson, Magnus: Timpania

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Timpania - 6 Min., mittel bis schwer; Etüde mit Orchesterstudien aus Werken von Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler u.a.

Duration: approx. 6 min.

Timpania is based on famous excerpts from the classical timpani literature. The piece is basically meant for auditions, but also appropriate for concert performance. It is requested to present this etude with great respect towards the style, colour and sound of the original composers.  

The excerpts are taken from: 

1.    Beethoven: Symphony No. 5, 3rd movement going into the 4th movement
2.    Brahms: Symphony No. 1, 4th movement 
3.    Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra
4.    Tjajkovskij: Symphony No. 4, with some quotes from Beethoven: Symphony No. 9
5.    Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
6.    Mahler: Symphony No. 5, 1st movement 
7.    Mahler: Symphony No. 5, finale of the 5th movement
8.    Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, 4th movement
9.    Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, 1st movement

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