Steinbauer, Johannes: 2020 Solo Trilogy for Vibraphone and Percussion

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2020 Solo Trilogy for Vibraphone and Percussion - 25 Min.; 3 Sätze; Vibraphone, chin. cymbal, waterphone, 2 chin. opera gongs, 2 Bongos, Tom-Tom, Rainmaker, Bamboo wood chimes, asian temple wind bells; schwer



The 2020 Solo Trilogy for Vibraphone and Percussion was written during the pandemic for which the year 2020 will forever be remembered. The titles of the three movements, ATMOSPHÄREN (atmospheres), KRISIS (crisis) and REGENERATION (regeneration), suggest an abstract „programme“.

The vibraphone is the main instrument in 2020, but other percussion instruments also feature, providing extraordinary tone colour in ATMOSPHÄREN and REGENERATION and dominating in KRISIS.

My special thanks go to Johannes Wippermann for the fantastic interpretation, the WDR Cologne for the creative video production and the EDITION SVITZER for the wonderful layout.

I wish all performers and audiences of 2020 an intense experience. Johannes Steinbauer Bonn, August 2021

Required Instruments

Vibraphone (range: f - f3, with and without motor)
Chinese Cymbal (medium size)
Waterphone Wuhan gong (medium size)
Chinese opera gong (high, hanging)
Chinese opera gong (medium, lying flat and slightly dampened)
2 Bongos (high/mid)
Tom tom (medium low)
Bamboo wind chimes
Several asian (temple) wind bells, for example japanese furins

Vibraphone sticks
Wooden sticks with heavy heads (or inverted snare drum sticks)
2 cello or double bass bows

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