Blazewicz, Marcin: Sahay Manush for two percussionists

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Sahay Manush for two percussionists - 14 Min.; Marimba, 6 Crotali, 3 Tria., 8 Gongs, 3 Dabachi, 8 Toms, 3 Bck., 2 Tams, 2 TBl., Snare drum, Rototom, 2 Bongos, Conga, Gran Cassa; schwer

Year of publication: 2009
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In the work Sahay Manush written for the duo by Marcin Blazewicz the contradictions between the marimba and unmelodic instruments, between soft and harsh sounds, static and dynamics, are based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang. The idea of creative spontaneity comprised in the virtuosic and improvisatory passages is influenced by the poetry of the Bengali Bauls, who strived to attain the essence of matters by the free development of their improvised poems. “ If you want to be happy, enjoy your life and be more alert in order to realize what is important and what is not. If you keep opting for what is essential, sooner or later you will become an essential man, adbar manush. In order to achieve that, one must be a spontaneous, unconstrained man, sahaj manush.” The composition consists of well defined components such as form, and elements which can be changed, such as used instruments. There is a part which gives an opportunity to present the musicians’ improvisation skills. The second percussionist can perform his own spontaneous improvisation within the bars 170-214, instead of following the written part. The musicians can also select their own set of instruments. The instruments marked with a star on the List of required instruments can be replaced with other instruments from the same family. For example :tam-tam can be changed for other metallophone, a sort of gong , Bell Plates or others. Roto-tom for other membranophone, such as boobams. The other instruments can be replaced the same way. The list of required instruments is the composer’s proposal. It can be replaced with the musicians’ own list depending on instruments at their disposal or which instruments are easier to transport than the others.

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