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written drum parts of famous songs or bands

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Product no.: 024-248
Drum Collection - 128 S.; Drumparts zu 25 Songs mit Akkorden und Texten: Can't buy me love, Come Together, Drive My Car, Get Back, Help, Love Me Do, Sgt.Pepper, Twist and Shout u.a.
23.00 *
Product no.: 024-254
Modern Drummer Classic Tracks - 82 S.; Transkript. kompl. Songs mit berühmten Drummern: J.Bonham, K.Moon, P.Collins (Dance on a Vulcano), S.Gadd, S.Phillips, N.Peart, J.Porcaro (Rosanna), M.Portnoy, S.Smith, V.Colaiuta, T.Bozzio u.a.
13.95 *
Product no.: 024-257
Best of Blink-182 (Drum Transcriptions) - 72 S.; Drumparts mit Text, Melodie und Akkorden zu 13 Songs
22.50 *
Product no.: 024-223#
The Disregard of Timekeeping - 79 Seiten, 11 Songs aus dem gleichnamigen Album mit Songtexten.
17.95 *
Product no.: 024-274

Bonzo Beats - 72 S.; Beats, Fills und Solos aus den Led-Zeppelin-Alben: I, II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, Presence, Song remains the same (live), In through the out door. Transcr. by Gordon Peeke & Jack Verga

Transcribed by Gordon Peeke & Jack Verga
Beats, fills, and solos of the drummer who smashed his way to the top of Rock and Roll.

18.00 *
Product no.: 024-214
When in doubt, roll! - 135 Seiten, 18 Transkriptionen von Bruford-Titeln, sowie technische Übungen für Fortgeschrittene; Text engl.
14.95 *
Product no.: 024-255

Drum Standards, Classic Jazz Masters - 64 S.; 10 Transcriptionen von Standards gespielt von legendären Jazz drummern.

20.00 *
Product no.: 024-267
Bäst of Songbook Schlagzeug-Ausgabe - 176 p.; Drumparts + Text, Melody, harmonies of 25 Ärzte-Songs
24.32 *
Product no.: 024-253
Dream Theater Full Score Anthology - 214 S.; die kompletten Stimmen f. Vocals, Keyb., Git., Bass, Drums von 8 Songs: Dance of Eternity, Home, Erotomania, Just let me Breathe, Peruvian Skies, Pull me Under, Under a Glass Moon, Voices
39.95 *
Product no.: 024-279

Drum Chart Hits - 88 pages, Authentic drum transcriptions of 30 pop and rock hits are included in this collection which also features drum kit legends and lyric cues. Songs include: All About That Bass - Can't Stop the Feeling - Ex's & Oh's - Get Lucky - Happy - Moves like Jagger - Roar - Rolling in the Deep - Shake It Off - Thinking Out Loud - 24K Magic - Uptown Funk - and more.

21.00 *
Product no.: 024-278

Off the Record - 76 pages; 10 Authentic Drum Transcriptions by the Legendary Tower of Power Drummer; Text engl.

19.95 *
Product no.: 024-280

First 50 Songs you should play on Drums - 188 pp.; One-of-a-kind collection of accesible, must-know hits from The Beatles and Nirvana to U2 and Metallica.

17.70 *
Product no.: 024-277

Rhythmic Composition - 128 P.; This book features 20 highly detailed transcriptions by Terry Branam, as well as in-depth commentary from Harrison to take you through the concepts of each song. ; Text engl.

18.50 *
Product no.: 024-270
Rhythmic Designs (Buch+DVD) - 204 S.; 20 Transkriptionen der Drumset-Parts aus den Alben "Drop" und "Circles" von Gavin Harrison und 05Ric; + Drum Charts und 6 Play-along-Tracks; DVD-Spielzeit: 2 Std. 30 Min.; Text engl.
25.83 *
Product no.: 024-263
Drum Techniques of Led Zeppelin - 96 S., 23 Songs (Stairway to Heaven, Whole lotta love, Dazed and confused, Song remains the same u.a. ) bearb. von Joe Bergamini
22.00 *
Product no.: 024-262

Dave Matthews Band Fan Favorites for Drums - 99 S.; 10 Songs mit ausgeschr. Drumparts + Melodie + Text; Crush, Dancing Nancies, Everyday, Grey Street, Jimi Thing, Warehouse u.a.

20.95 *
Product no.: 024-250
The Best of Dave Matthews Band for Drums - 93 S.; 10 Songs mit ausgeschr. Drumparts + Melodie + Text; Ants Marching, Crash into me, Satellite, What would you say, u.a.
23.00 *
Product no.: 024-234
Metallica (Black Album) - 75 Seiten, Drum-Parts mit Texten zu den Songs aus dem gleichn. Album
23.50 *
Product no.: 024-233
...And Justice for All - 72 Seiten, Drum-Parts mit Texten zu den Songs aus dem gleichn. Album
27.95 *
Product no.: 024-273
Classic Songs (Book + DVD) - 56 P.; Drumparts of 8 Songs + Instructions-DVD: Jump in the Fire, Fight Fire, Damage, Shortest Straw, Wherever I may roam, Hero of the Day, Memory Remains, Frantic.
29.80 *
Product no.: 024-232

Kill 'em all - 70 Seiten, Drum-Parts mit Texten zu den Songs aus dem gleichn. Album

27.95 *

no longer available

Product no.: 024-247
Legendary Drum Licks (Buch + CD) - 71 S.; 19 Songs aus den Alben von "Kill em All" bis "Reload", Transkriptionen, Licks, Fills, Solos; CD enthält Demo-Version und langsame Version von schwierigen Passagen, auch zum Mitspielen geeignet.
24.50 *
Product no.: 024-241
Load (Drum Edition) - 110 Seiten, Drum-Parts mit Texten zu den Songs aus dem gleichn. Album
29.95 *
out of print
Product no.: 024-219
Master of Puppets - 70 Seiten, 8 Songs aus dem gleichnamigen Album, mit Songtexten.
27.95 *
Product no.: 024-235
Metallica's Lars Ulrich (Buch + CD) - 24 Seiten, Beschreibung von Ulrichs Technik anhand von Metallica-Songs, Double Bass, Odd Time, Fills u.a.; mit Begleit-CD, Text engl.
25.95 *
Product no.: 024-242

Reload (Drum Edition) - 104 Seiten, Drum-Parts mit Texten zu den Songs aus dem gleichn. Album

25.95 *

no longer available, out of print

Product no.: 024-226
Ride the Lightning - 48 Seiten, 8 Songs aus dem gleichnamigen Album, mit Songtexten und Melodien.
27.95 *
Product no.: 024-276

The Magnificent 7 - 52 P.; 14 Solos Transcriptions of the Master Jazz Drummers from Our Time: Antonio Sanchez, Bill Stewart, Brain Blade, Eric Harland, Gregory Hutchinson, Jeff Tain Watts, Lewis Nash; Text engl.


22.50 *
Product no.: 024-246
Drum Collection - 86 S.; Drumparts zu 17 Songs aus den Alben "Bleach", "Nevermind", "Incesticide" und "In Utero".
20.95 *
Product no.: 024-258
Transcribed Scores - 88 S.; komplette Partituren mit Bass, Drums, Gitarre und Vocals zu: Can't Stand Losing You, Don't Stand So Close To Me, Every Breath You Take, Message In A Bottle, Roxanne, So Lonely, Spirits In The Material World.
29.00 *
Product no.: 024-252

Anthology Vol. One - 116 S.; komplette Drumparts von 9 Titeln mit Dream Theater, Liquid Tension und Transatlantic

22.50 *

no longer available, out of print

Product no.: 024-264
Operation: Rockenfield (Buch + CD) - 128 S.; Drum Transcriptions von 21 Songs durch Joe Bergamini u. Craig LeMay, CD enthält Demo-Version der Drumparts.
28.50 *
Product no.: 024-265
Stadium Arcadium Drum Recorded Versions - 246 S.: ausgeschriebene Drumparts des gleichn. Albums, + Melodie, Text und Akkordsymbolen
23.35 *
Product no.: 024-256
Best of Red Hot Chili Peppers for Drums - 140 S.; Drum-Parts von 20 Titeln; + Singstimme, Text, Akkorden (Aeroplane, Breaking the Girl, By the Way, Californication, Give It Away, Minor Thing, Right on Time, Scar Tissue u.a.)
20.00 *
Product no.: 024-261
Greatest Hits - Drum Recorded Versions - 110 S.; Drumparts + Melodie, Text, Akkorde zu 15 Titeln: Californication, Otherside, By the Way, Parallel Universe, My Friends, Higher Ground, Fortune Faded u.a.
20.95 *
Product no.: 024-275
I'm with you - Drum Recorded Versions - 112 S.; Drumparts + Melodie, Text, Akkorde zu den Titeln des gleichnamigen Albums
25.95 *
Product no.: 024-268

Rockband Drum Recorded Versions - 200 p.; 25 note-for-note transcriptions of songs from the "Hit Video Game": Jet, Are you gonna be my girl; Nirvana, In Bloom; Radiohead, Creep; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dani California; Kiss, Detroit Rock City; Police, Next to You; Killers, When you were young; Deep Purple, Highway Star; Black Sabbath, Paranoid; Iron Maiden, Run to the hills; u.a.

26.90 *

no longer available, out of print

Product no.: 024-207
Drum Techniques: More Rush - 52 Seiten, ausgeschriebene Drumparts zu 12 Songs (Analog Kid, Marathon, Farewell to Kings, 2112, Vital Signs u.a.)
20.95 *
Product no.: 024-266

Toxicity Drum Transcriptions - 86 S.; komplette Drum Parts des gleichn. Albums, + Text, Melodie, Akkord-Symbolen

0.00 *

out of print

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