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Product no.: 021-328

Mein erster Rhythmus! (Book + CD) - 40 S.; für junge Schlagzeug-Anfänger, sehr einfach, große Notenschrift; als Vorbereitung zu "Mein erstes Konzert"; Text deutsch

19.80 *
Product no.: 022-506
A Rhythmic Twist (Book + MP3-CD) - 76 P.; Triplet Concepts for Drumset, Swing Grooves, Rhythmen, Fills; Text engl.
13.95 *
Product no.: 022-468
Messin' Wid Da Bull (Buch + CD) - 126 S.; book acomp. CD of Serie "Turn it Up & Lay it Down" by Spencer Strand; includes Original-CD + Grooves & Exercises; Text engl.

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Product no.: 021-245
Garantiert Schlagzeug lernen (Buch + 2CDs) - 152 S.; umfangreiche Schule für Anfänger u. Wiedereinsteiger; mehr als 700 Übungen, Play-alongs, Time Tracks, Sprechübungen u.a.; Text dt.
25.95 *
Product no.: 021-202

Kräsch! Bum! Bäng! (Book + CD) - 72 S.; Drumset Method for Kids, from 6 years, easy understanding, big notation, coloured stickers, picture for coloring, Play-Along CD; Text german

18.95 *
Product no.: 021-061

The Art of the Drummer Vol. 2 (Buch + CD) - 64 Seiten, weiterführende Studien, Rudiments am Drumset, Double Bass, Heavy Metal Rhythmen, Patterns für Toms und Becken; Text englisch.

Takes the technical skills and applies them to many varied drum kit set-ups. Progresses through the techniques and styles of today's modern playing.

22.20 *
Product no.: 021-214
Kräsch! Bum! Bäng! Band 2 (Buch + CD) - 80 S.; Band 2 der Schlagzeugschule f. Kinder ab 6 Jahren; mit Beat-Box und Rap-Übungen; Text dt.
18.95 *
Product no.: 021-300

Kräsch! Bum! Bäng! Intensiv! (Book + MP3-CD) - 92 S.; Drumset Method for beginners; Rudiments, Triolen, Shuffle, Dynamik, Wirbel, Unabhängigkeit, Double Bass, Play-alongs, u.a.; Text german

18.95 *
Product no.: 022-090
Contemporary Drum Fills - 32 Seiten, Fill-Studien in versch. Stilen (Shuffle, Disco, Slow Funk, Rock, Pop u.a.); Text englisch.
13.95 *
Product no.: 022-090MC#
Contemporary Drum Fills - MC
9.10 *
Product no.: 022-089MC#
Funky Drumming - MC
12.00 *
Product no.: 021-075#
Rock Drumming Bass & Drums Cassette A - MC mit Übungen zum Mitspielen
14.00 *
Product no.: 021-076
Rock Drumming Bass & Drums Cassette B - MC mit Übungen zum Mitspielen
14.00 *
Product no.: 021-074
Rock Drumming Book Three - 40 Seiten, Flams, Triolen-Rhythmen, Fills, Toms, Bass Drum Variat., Shuffle; Text engl.
12.50 *
Product no.: 021-062MC#
Rock Drumming One - MC; A clear and easily understood method for playing the drum set in a rock setting. All exercises, rhythms and phrases are on this matching cassette.
14.00 *
Product no.: 021-074MC#
Rock Drumming Three - MC; Includes triplet exercises, eight bar rock phrases, bass drum exercises, rhythms and fill-ins, and the flam.
14.00 *
Product no.: 021-073MC#
Rock Drumming Two - MC
14.00 *
Product no.: 021-060
The Art of the Drummer - 105 Seiten, Grund-Techniken und -Rhythmen, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Snare Drum Rudiments, ungerade Takte, Besentechnik, Latin Rhythmen; Text englisch.
18.50 *
Product no.: 021-060BCD
The Art of the Drummer (Book + CD) - 105 Seiten, Grund-Techniken und -Rhythmen, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Snare Drum Rudiments, ungerade Takte, Besentechnik, Latin Rhythmen; Text englisch.
24.90 *
Product no.: 021-109#
MC The Art of the Drummer No.3 Snare Drum Exercises - Cassette zu "Art of the Drummer" Band 1 mit Snare Drum Übungen
14.00 *
Product no.: 021-060MC#
The Art of the Drummer Vol.1 MC - A clear and easily understood method for playing the drum set in a rock setting. All exercises, rhythms and phrases are on this matching cassette.
12.20 *
Product no.: 021-169
Berklee Practice Method Drum Set (Buch + CD) - 85 S.; Anfängerschule, Technik und Grooves, Play-along-Titel, Tips zum Spielen in einer Band; Stile: Rock, Blues, Shuffle, Funk, Hard Rock, Bossa Nova.
17.70 *
Product no.: 022-469
8 Essentials of Drumming (Buch + CD) - 32 p.; Technique and grooves, topics are: Ergonomics - Pop, Rock, R & B - Shuffle - Slow Grooves - African Influence - Jazz Swing Beat - Musicianship Skills - Rudiments. Text engl.
21.44 *
Product no.: 021-185

Berklee Instant Drumset (Buch + CD) - 29 S.; Anfängerschule, einfache Grooves für Rock-Musik; mit Play-alongs; Text engl.

21.40 *
Product no.: 022-619

Berklee Jazz Drums - 150 S.; Jazz Drumset Finding your sound, Rudiments, Stickings, classical Snare Drum, Ride Cymbal Beat, Comping Surf's Up, Alan Dawson Legacy, Brushes, Soloing, Odd Meter Jazz, World Rhythms, Chart Reading, etc.; Text engl., Audio Access Included

22.90 *
Product no.: 022-431

Stickings & Orchestrations for Drum Set (Book + CD) - 86 S.; Basic Sticking Possibilities, Solo Vocabulary, Improvisational Ideas, Fluid Technique, Sight Reading, Styles: Rock, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Swing, Blues; Text engl.

24.50 *
Product no.: 022-635

Concepts: A Guide to Essential Drumset Processes for the Modern Drummer - 32 pages; for intermediate and advanced players, tips to build your own grooves and fills: Independence, Co-Ordination, Rudimentals, Permutations, Linear Phrasing, alternative stickings, Feel and Time Perception, etc.; Text engl.

18.00 *
Product no.: 022-582

Big Band Ballroom Drumming (Buch + CD) - 80 S.; Drumset in den 10 wichtigsten Tänzen: Langs. u. Wiener Walzer, Tango, Slowfox, Quickstep, Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive; von Bigband bis zum Trio, Grundlagen, Spieltechnik, musikal. Gestaltung, Play-alongs, etc.; Text german

19.95 *
Product no.: 021-246

Das einfache Drum-Spiel (Buch + CD) - 167 S.; Patterns - Breaks - Soli - Konzepte, für Anfänger; Rudiments, Lineartechnik, versch. Musikstile, Polyrhythmik, ungerade Taktarten, Soli, u.a.; Text dt.

23.95 *
Product no.: 021-288

Drum-Spiel für Fortgeschrittene (Buch + CD) - 200 S.; Patterns - Breaks - Soli - Konzepte, für Fortgeschr.; Text deutsch

Die direkte Fortsetzung von "Das einfache Drum-Spiel" eignet sich sowohl für den fortgeschrittenen Unterricht als auch für das Selbststudium und forciert das Arrangieren von Begleit- und Solo-Ideen, die Unabhängigkeit und Koordination der Hände und Füße, Genauigkeit und Spielintensität.

23.95 *
Product no.: 022-399
- 60 S.; Snare-Drum-Übungen für Drummer mit und ohne Drumset: 40 Rudiments, Konditionstraining, Stickings, Rudimentüb., Speedtraining; Text dt.
19.80 *
Product no.: 022-447

Rehearsal Book Band 2 Hand and Feet (Buch + CD) - 60 S.; Trainingsbuch für daheim und unterwegs, mit und ohne Drumset üben; Fußtechnik, Fußkontrollübungen, Hand- u. Fußkombinationen, Powertraining, Drumset stimmen, richtig Mikrofonieren; Text deutsch.

19.80 *
Product no.: 023-102
Drum Beats & Loops Hip Hop & Rap (Buch + CD) - 32 S.; 99 Drum Beats: East Coast, West Coast, Down South, Old School, Pop-R&B; + Demo-CD, + CD-ROM mit Drum Loops.
16.95 *
Product no.: 023-103
Drum Beats & Loops Modern Rock (Buch + CD) - 32 S.; 99 Drum Beats: Mainstream, Metal, Grunge, Alternative, Neo Punk, Pop, Blues, Progressive, Funk u.a.; + Demo-CD, + CD-ROM with Drum Loops.
18.50 *
Product no.: 021-322

Drums for Kids - 32 pages; a beginner's guide with step-by-step instruction for drumset, with Play-alongs; Audio-Access Included.

12.95 *
Product no.: 023-121
Grooves you can use (Book + CD) - 40 p.; 154 Grooves from Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Funk, Jazz, Latin, et al.
19.30 *
Product no.: 021-205
Spiel Drums Band 1(Buch + CD) - 48 S.; für Anfänger zum Selbststudium, alle Grundlagen auf einen Blick; Text dt.
12.50 *
Product no.: 023-118

iGroove - das XXXL-Groove-Buch für Drumset (Buch + CD) - 140 S.; 3499 Grooves für Rock, Pop, Slow-Rock, Off-Beat, 12/8, Shuffle, Swing, Philly, Odd-Times, Bossa, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Samba, Linear Drumming, Rudimental, Double-Bass, Ghostings.

19.80 *
Product no.: 021-306

Schlagzeug lernen mit Frida & Paul - 66 S.; Kinder-Schlagzeugschule ab 6 Jahre, Text deutsch, große Schrift, mit Poster, vielen Zeichnungen und CD zum Anhören und Mitspielen

18.90 *
Product no.: 021-222

Drum Method 1 For Beginners - Beginner's school, rehearsals, grooves of various styles, snare and tom patterns (fill-ins), 86 solos, 13 duos, play-alongs, et al .; Text engl.

  • Play the drums and have FUN doing it!
  • 64 detailed exercises
  • 199 grooves in a variety of styles
  • 272 snare and tom patterns (fill-ins)
  • 86 solos for drumset and snare
  • 13 duets for drumset and snare
  • Extra website to accompany the book: contains a little drummer’s encyclopedia, song downloads, photos and much more. Look at schule.hansepercussion.de (sorry, only German)
  • Intended for right AND left handed players, boys AND girls, youngsters AND adults
  • Learning step-by-step: all sequences are logically based one on another and have been extensively tested.
  • combined with volume II this is a comprehensive drumming instruction covering all relevant themes - for the beginner and the professional!
24.00 *
Product no.: 021-231

Drum Method Vol. 2 (Book + 2 CDs) - 144 pages; for advanced drummers; 1100 grooves and patterns from 21 styles, 300 fill-ins, 26 solos, 8 duos, ghosts, rudimental, linear, etc .; Text engl.

24.00 *
Product no.: 021-263
Drums der Komplettkurs (Buch + CD) - 256 p.; for beginners, grundlegende Spieltechniken, Übungen, Musiktheorie; Text deutsch
19.45 *
Product no.: 022-414
- 64 S.; Coordination Studies for all styles; Soli, Fills, Hand/ Foot-Coord., Warm-Up, Independence Patterns, New Orleans Second Line, Brazilian & Latin Grooves, Cajun, Zydeco u.a.; Text engl.
18.50 *
Product no.: 022-648

Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes - 80 pages; Understanding the Notation, Bulding Blocks, Styles (Jazz, Latin, Funk, etc.), Phrase Development, Tunes; Play-along-Tracks for download; Text engl.

44.00 *
Product no.: 021-042
Das Schlagzeug im Jazz - 34 Seiten, Jazz-Schule für Fortgeschrittene, aus der "Joe-Viera-Reihe"
18.95 *
Product no.: 022-606

What Not to Play! (Book + DVD) - 43 Pages; Tips on interpreting charts, sight-reading, and how to find your part in a new song based on Songs from Paul McCartney: My Love, Oh Woman oh Why, Uncle Albert etc.; Text engl.


23.95 *
Product no.: 022-630

Trap Style Drumming - 82 pages; Exercises and Grooves in "Trap Style", for the acoustic and hybrid drum set; Text engl.

23.60 *
Product no.: 022-617

Wicked Beats: Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming - 120 pages; Patterns, Beats and Fills: Nyabingi, Jamaican Boogie, Burru, Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Hip-Hop, etc.; 

35.00 *
Product no.: 022-398
Show Drumming (Buch + CD) - 69 S.; das Drumsetspiel bei Live Shows und Musicals; Leseübungen, Charts, Tipps, u.a.; Text engl.
18.50 *
Product no.: 022-328
Afro-Caribbean Drum Grooves (Book + CD) - 61 S.; Cascara, Mozambique, Songo, Chacha, Cancion, Bossa, Samba, Baiao, Funk u.a.; mit Übungen und Soli; Text engl.
19.50 *
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