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Product no.: 171-434
Vol. 2 - Werner Heider, Gong Game; Roland Schmidt, B-A-C- H for Percussion Quartet; John Cage, Second Construction.
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Product no.: 171-527

La Caccia - Kiesewetter, La Cassia op.42; Ikebe, On the other Side of Rain f. Perc.Quart.; Brodmann/Schmidt, String Quartet f. Perc.Quart.

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Product no.: 171-243

Cage after Cage - 74 Min.; Composed improvisation (for Snare Drum + for 1-sided drum); Variations I; Child of Tree; Inlets; 27'10.554". Matthias Kaul, Percussion

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Product no.: 171-647
Credo In Us, Imaginary Landscape No.1 + No.3, Inlets, But what about the noise of crumpling paper...; Quatour Helios
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Product no.: 171-714

Four 4 for Percussion - 72 Min.; Glenn Freeman, Perc.

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Product no.: 171-908
Imaginary Landscapes Nr. 1-5 + But what about the Noise...? Maelström Percussion Ensemble, Ltg. Jan Williams
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Product no.: 171-519
Musik for Percussion Quartet: Credo in Us, Quartet, Second Construction, She's Asleep, Third Construction. Perc.Ens. Mainz, Ltg. Markus Hauke
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Product no.: 171-090

Music for Piano and Percussion (2 CDs) - 16 Dances for Soloist and Company of Three; Credo in US; First Construction (in Metal)t; Trio für Percussion; Double Music für Percussion-Quartett; Third Construction; Fads and Fancies in the Academy für Klavier & 4 Schlagzeuger. Giancarlo Simonacci, Ars Ludi Percussino Ensemble

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Product no.: 171-034

The Works for Percussion 1 - Credo in Us, Imaginary Landscape No. 1,2,3,4,5. Percussion Group Cincinnati


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Product no.: 171-058
The Works for Percussion 2 - First, Second, Third Construction; Trio, Quartet, Living Room Music. Third Coast Percussion
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Product no.: 171-098

The Works for Percussion 3 - Composed Improvisation (3 Versionen), Child of Tree, One4, Branches. D'Arcy Philip Gray, Percussion + Bass Guitar

19.50 *
Product no.: 171-715

Three2 for Perc.; Twenty-Three for Violin & Cello; Six for Perc.; Twenty-Six for Violin. Glenn Freeman, Perc.; Christina Fong, Violin; Karen Krummel, Cello.

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Product no.: 171-563

Variations II + Eight Whiskus + Ryoanji + Music for two. Malcolm Goldstein, Violine; Matthias Kaul, Schlagzeug, Glasharmonika.

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Product no.: 171-124
Works for Percussion - Second Construction; Imaginary Landscape No.2; Amores; Double Music; Third Construction; She is asleep; First Construction. Quatuor Helios
18.50 *
Product no.: 171-062

27'10.554", Ryoanji, Composed Improvisation, Variations VIII, One4. Simone Mancuso, Percussion.


  1. 27' 10.554
  2. Ryoanji (für Oboe Solo und Schlagwerk)
  3. Composed Improvisation
  4. Variation 7
  5. One4
18.90 *
Product no.: 171-665
Works for Percussion - Quartet, Trio, Imaginary Landscape No.1, First + Second Construction, Living Room Music, Double Music. Amadinda Percussion Ensemble
18.00 *
Product no.: 171-621
Works for Percussion Vol. 3 - Four4 for Perc.Quartet (72 Min.). Amadinda Percussion Group
18.00 *
Product no.: 171-947
Works for Percussion Vol. 4 Legacies 6 - 64 Min.; 27'10.554" for a percussionist, Fads and Fancies in the Academy, Four Dances. Amadinda Percussion Group, Zoltan Kocsis, piano.
17.55 *
Product no.: 171-945
Works for Percussion Vol. 5 Legacies 7 - 47 Min.; Six, Quartet, One4, Dance Music for Elfrid Ide, Three2. Amadinda Percussion Group, Zoltan Kocsis, piano.
17.55 *
Product no.: 171-011
Works for Percussion Vol. 6 Legacies 8 - 72 Min.; Haikai, Child of Tree, Branches, Five4, composed improvisation, But what about the noise of crumpling paper. Amadinda Percussion Group u.a.
18.00 *
Product no.: 171-620
Works for Percussion Vol.2 - Third Construction, Credo in Us, Imaginary Landscape No. 2 + 3, The Wonderful Widow, Forever and Sunsmell, Amores, She is Asleep, A Flower. Amadinda Percussion Group
18.00 *
Product no.: 171-196
- Partita f. Perc.; Recital Piece; Raga f. Timpani; Nara for Perc.; In Ancient Temple Gardens f. Perc. & Piano; ...won't you join the dance f. Perc. & Double Bass. Percussion: P.Dash, R.Engelman, R.Cahn, M.Udow, R.Hartenberger, B.Becker.
17.00 *
Product no.: 171-642
- P.Norgard, For a Change; A.Masson, Marimba Concerto; A.Sallinen, Symphony No.2. R.Carlsson, marimba, percussion; Gothenburg Symphony Orch.; Ltg. N.Willen, J.Hirokami.
16.50 *
Product no.: 171-046
La Rencontre - Spencer, White Squirel; Metheny, Letter from Home; Lozowchuk, La Rencontre; Sejourne, Katamiya; Espel, Zamba Para Escuchar; Abe, Wind in the bamboo grove; Piazzolloa, Cinco Piezas. A.J. Caron, Marimba
18.90 *
Product no.: 171-662
The Music of Elliott Carter Vol. 4 - 8 Pieces for 4 Timpani, Shard for guitar, Luimen f. Tromp., Posaune, Harfe, Mandoline, Git. & Vibra; Tempo e Tempi f. Sopr., Oboe, Klarin., Viol. & Violonc.; Daniel Druckman, Pauke; u.a.
19.90 *
Product no.: 171-681

Grand Cassa - Houllif, Blue Samba; Zivkovic, Skripska igra; Gadd, Samba Song; Monica, Sambaco; Schmitt, Bakoua; u.a. + 2 bonus Play-along-tracks; G.Malcher, M.Hartmann, T.Holste, J.Mehmke, M.H.Raute, perc.

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Product no.: 171-880
72 Min.; recorded 2003; Donatoni, Mari II + Madrigale; Pelosi, 10 Inventions; Rappaz, Stances pour 2 perc.; Schlaepfer, Instances III for Marimba; Hauser, Zytraffer pour perc.; Wen, Kung Fu pour perc.; R.Esmerode, M.Favrod, B.Gaudelette, F.Volpe, percussions; u.a.
12.18 *
Product no.: 171-042
Konzert f. Schlagzeug und Orchester; Impulse für Orchester - Martin Grubinger, Schlagzeug; Wiener Philharmoniker, Ltg.: Peter Eötvös, Pierre Boulez
18.90 *
Product no.: 171-352

Raw Elegance - 50 Min.; Xenakis: Rebonds for Percussion solo; Billone: Mani. Matta for Marimba, 2 Log Drums, Woodblock & China Gong; Odin: Maskine for 14 Pieces of Metal. Ying-Hsueh Chen (Percussion)

17.95 *
Product no.: 171-984
Symphonic Poem - 62 Min.; Pius Cheung (Marimba) plays his own compositions: Symphonic Poem; Etude in d minor, cis minor, D major, e minor; Musical Moment No. 5
17.90 *
Product no.: 171-666
Dances with Marimba - Zivkovic, Srpska igra; Abe, Michi; Stevens, Rhythmic Caprice; Debussy, Doctor Gradus + Snow is dancing; Bach, Partita Nr. 2 BWV 1004; Berthier/Christen, Bless the Lord. R.Christen, Solo Marimba
16.50 *
Product no.: 171-966
Bach, Air, Prelude, Sarabande, Menuett; Lutoslawski, Danse Preludes; Gade, Andante; Taira, Monodrame; Schmidt, Montmartre; Debussy, Syrinx, Petite Piece; Gershwin, Summertime. Roland Schmidt, percussion; Evelin Langer, clarinet
12.67 *
Product no.: 171-706
Alone at Last - J.C. Combs spielt eigene Solo-Werke für Vibra und Marimba: Three Pieces for Vibra, A Jazz Trilogy for Marimba, Reflections, One for Paquito, Three Brothers, Peanuts, My Foolish Heart
18.50 *
Product no.: 171-180

Contemporary American "C" - Cage, Second Construction; Carter, 5 Pieces for Timpani; Crumb, 5 Pieces for Piano; Creston, Sonata for Alto Sax & Piano; Copland, Piano Sonata. Gert Mortensen, Timpani; Kroumata Perc. Ensemble u.a.

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18.90 *
Product no.: 171-585
Musik f. Percussion-Ensemble - Udow, Coyote Dreams; Harrison, Suite for Percussion; Bevelander, Synthecisms No.6; Gahu traditional; Hisada, Progression; Miranda, Polysonics.
16.90 *
Product no.: 171-106
An Idyll for the Misbegotten für Flöte und 3 Schlagzeuger; Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale); Madrigals Book I-IV. Z. Mueller, Flöte; J. DeGaetani, Mezzosopran; S. Paysen, G. Gottlieb, B. Herman, Percussion; University of Pennsylvania Chamber Play
18.50 *
Product no.: 171-145
Music for a summer evening (Makrokosmos III), Madrigals Books I-IV; Rainer Kuisma, Seppo Asikainen, Percussion; Anne-Marie Mühle, Mezzosopran; u.a.
18.00 *
Product no.: 171-611

Music for a Summer Evening f. Klavier & Perc.; Suite for Christmas f. Klavier; Five Pieces for Piano. F.Kent, P.Degenhardt, Klavier. Carmen Erb, Hans-Peter Achberger, Percussion.

16.80 *
Product no.: 171-027
The Complete Makrokosmos I-IV - Doppel-CD, 126 Min.; Live Recording; Fantasy Pieces for amplified piano, Music for a Summer Evening, Cosmic Dances. Berlin PianoPercussion
29.90 *
Product no.: 171-355

The Scene of the Crime - 68 Min.; Jolivet: Heptade; Broström: Dream Variations; Duddell: Catch; Börtz: Dialogo 4 - Ricordo; Dean: ...the scene of the crime... Hakan Hardenberger (Trompete), Colin Currie (Percussion)

12.50 *
Product no.: 171-983
Borrowed Time - 61 Min.; musioc by Dave Maric: Predicaments, Lucid Intervals, Sense & Innocence, Shapeshifter, Borrowed time, Trilogy. C.Curie, percussion; D. Maric, piano; H.Hardenberger, trumpet; u.a.
18.42 *
Product no.: 171-750
Tanaka, Two Movements f. Marimba; Kraft, Javanese (French) Suite; Braun, Tryptichon; Cage/Harrison, Double Music; Settel, Hock Pwah. Matthias Dahms, Marimba, Perc., Electronics; Ute Deussen, Blockflöte; P. Forbes, Gesang.
16.50 *
Product no.: 171-368

Speaking Drums for Percussion and Orchestra + Cello Concerto Grosso + Violin Concerto No. 2 "DoReMi". Martin Grubinger, percussion; Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello; Midor, violin. Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, conductor Peter Eötvös

18.90 *
Product no.: 171-686
Trancemigration of Soulz - Prismatic Rain, Zilch Tune 2, Talking 2 Ghosts, Ballet of Lights, Star of Glass; M.Dahms, MIDI-Vibes, Marimba, Perc., Electr.
16.50 *
out of print


Product no.: 171-786
Philadelphia Stories for Orchestra + UFO for Solo Percussion and Orch.; Evelyn Glennie, percussion; Colorado Symphony Orch.; Ltg. Marin Alsop
9.90 *
Product no.: 171-875
Groovin' (2007) - Schmitt, Ghanaia; Stengert, Omu Bazzi + Klangwelten; Fries, Silk Robe; Aldenhoff, Salsa Mortale + C Major in Latin + Dammer Blues; Hammer, Crockett's Theme; Bizet, Carmen Potpourri; Roggenkamp, African Blues; Davis/Jordan, So What; Henry, Evil Ways. Perc.Ens. aus Damme
11.70 *
Product no.: 171-656
A Dreams Variety - Liebermann, Les Echanges; Peter, Zirkus Renz; DelBorgo, Rondo for Five; Gomez, Fission; Menke, Jingo + K.H. schlägt zurück; Kordt, Dreams Variety + Mallets Disco; Kabalevsky, Comedians Galop; Henning, Concorso; u.a. Percussion-Ensemble aus Damme. Spielzeit: 53 min. Marimba- und Percussionensemble unter der Leitung von Th. Aldenhoff
12.00 *
Product no.: 171-338

Percussion Works - 1 Std.; Pole, The Song without Words, Prologue of Drums, Sound Games. Lu Zhengdao, Percussion Solo; Stick Game Percussion; Gu Feng Percussion Ensemble

9.95 *
Product no.: 171-014
Marimba-Motions No. 1 (2011) - Cheung, Etude e-minor; Sammut, Sugaria Marimba Concerto; Williams, Schindler's List; Massenet, Meditatie; Puccini, O mio babbino caro; Daub, Dreamin. Th.Daub, marimba; Eric Sammut, piano; Dana Brauer, violine; u.a.
18.90 *
Product no.: 171-342

Dreamachine for Solo Percussion and Orchestra; Trail of Tears for Flute and orch., Reflections on the Mississippi for Tuba and orchestra. Evelyn Glennie, Percussion; Amy Porter, Flöte; Carol Jantsch, Tuba. Albany Symphony Orchestra, David Alan Miller; 78 Min.

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