Genau, Harald: Basics Die Schlagzeugschule Genau, Harald: Basics Trommelbuch für den Anfänger Band 1

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Basics drum book for the novice band 1-162 Pages; easy drum-method for children, big musical notes; also first exercises for drum set; Text German.

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I have been using the book myself now for more than 15 years with my own students and over this period of time it has been constantly modified and improved after it was first used in the classroom. It is suitable for children from about 8 years of age.

  • The large notation makes it easy to read for children.
  • The exercises and solo pieces are short and can be viewed without the need of turning the pages.
  • The drum kit solos work in almost any tempo so that students can 'sound good', even when they can't play fast yet.
  • This book is not supposed to be worked through page by page, but one works on different places in the book at the same time, each student with his/her own practice plan.
  • The modularity of the book allows the teacher to compose practice routines that suit the abilities and the needs of the respective student they are working with.
  • The book covers all the theoretical and musical items available, so it is neither a rock book or a jazz book nor a drum corps book It is a drum book that gives the student the opportunity of playing in a band of any style or even in an orchestra in the future.
  • Exercises are to be played several times, each time emphasising a different musical aspect (new rhythmic figures, dynamics, different countings, time-keeping, tempo, hand/foot-coordination), so the students do not have to worry about too many things all at once. When they come back to the exercise the second and third time, they are already familiar with it.
  • Everything in the book (exercises, drum solos, technical exercises, theory) is linked to each other and goes hand in hand, tested in the classroom over a very long period of time, which is something I miss in other books, where you can easily tell after a few pages, that they have been written in a comparitively short time.
  • Detailed explanations give parents the chance to support their children, which is essential especially with young kids.
  • Adult beginnners can work through this book almost autonomously because of the detailed practice guidance provided.
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