Moreno Romero, Jose Anton: The Final Round for Snare Drum

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The Final Round for Snare Drum - 9 Min.; 2nd place winner PAS ITALY Composition Contest 2015; auch mit Rim Shot, Stick Shot, Stick against Stick, etc., advanced


In this challenging solo, several different contrasts in timbre are achieved by using the normal playing area as well as the rim area, the addition of "rim shots" and "stick shots" for aural punctuation, and the pitch bends, via changing the pressures on the drum head (Glissando), all contributing to make this an very interesting piece for study and performance.

In addition, the use of a wide range of dynamic levels in conjunction with numerous metric changes, and varied tempi, help set-up distinct "sectional" contrasts as well. 

The inclusion of a Cadenza section, with it's various suggestions for dynamics, rhythms and the varied use of buzz strokes and glissando - could really be "opened up" by a creative performer.

Overall this is a challenging solo for the player - yet is varied and interesting enough to hold a listener's attention as well - with the aural contrasts (sections) easily discernable.  This would make a great recital work for intermediate to advanced level performers.(ca. 8' 46")

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