Trevino, Ivan: Spur for solo snare drum with audio accompaniment

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Spur for solo snare drum with audio accompaniment - 6 Min.; advanced; Audio File as Download; 

– audio device for playback (iPod, iPad, computer, etc.)
– headphones
– headphone splitter (left channel is click track, right channel is backing track)
– amplification for playback
– snare drum

Spur can be performed two different ways:
1. With the panned audio track, using a headphone splitter (the simple way).
2. If you are tech savvy, you can use software like Ableton Live to play the piece in full stereo


To watch performance, click here

Commissioned by a consortium lead by Korry Friend. Spur is scored for solo snare drum with audio tape accompaniment, and was written with Jacques Delecluse in mind. His snare drum etudes are some of my favorite pieces ever written. They are so thoughtful and nuanced; I wanted to compose a piece through a similar lens while simultaneously blending my own compositional language.

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