Curnow, James: 1st Recital Series for Snare Drum (Buch + CD)

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Titel Komponist Arrangeur
Pathfinder Hannickel, Mike

Multiples of Three (for Triangle, Tambourine, and Snare Drum) Curnow, James

Norwegian Dance, Opus 35, No. 2 Grieg, Edvard
Curnow, James
Rudimental Rhumba Alan, Craig

Regiments of the rudiments Johnson, Timothy

Turkish March Beethoven, Ludwig van
Lindsay, Ann
William Tell overture Rossini, Gioacchino Antonio
Curnow, James
The girl I left behind me Hannickel, Mike

Drummed out (18th century Rogue's March)
Curnow, James
The Barber of Seville (Theme from the Overture) Rossini, Gioacchino Antonio
Alan, Craig
Parameters Hannickel, Mike

Humoresque Dvorák, Antonín
Hannickel, Mike

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