Kroh, Wolfgang: All About Drumming (Buch + CD)

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All the basics of percussion playing (performance
  and practice techniques) in a single volume
  (German text). Starting with beginners unable to
  read music, Wolfgang Kroh innovatively supplies
  the bedrock for further study and progression.
  The pupil can start immediately with the first
  exercises. The Book includes an additional
  chapter on music theory and the basic
  characteristics of each instrument are explained
  in detail. The volume also deals with standard
  patterns of popular and dance music as well as
  Latin rhythms. The accompanying CD is a valuable
  acoustic resource to aid the learning process.
Inhalt Kroh, Wolfgang

Kroh, Wolfgang
Das Schlagzeug und die Haltung

Kroh, Wolfgang
Die Notation

Kroh, Wolfgang
Ganze Noten, halbe Noten und Viertelnoten

Kroh, Wolfgang
Die Achtelnoten

Kroh, Wolfgang
Die Sechzehntelnoten

Kroh, Wolfgang
Die Zweiunddreißigstel- und Vierundsechzigstelnoten

Kroh, Wolfgang
Die Triolen

Kroh, Wolfgang
Standard 26 American Drum Rudiments

Kroh, Wolfgang

Kroh, Wolfgang
Anhang: Etüden (Übungsstücke)

Kroh, Wolfgang
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