Kästli, Alexander: 101 Drum Solos

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101 Drum Solos - 148 pages; simple, motivating learning concept, each of the solos fuses rhythms, techniques and exercises of all kinds; Text german/englisch

  • product description:
  • 101 Drum Solos has a simple, appealing and motivating learning concept: the solos are presented without frills, without superfluous text explanations and without too many signs.
  • The warm-up exercises are a good supplement and preparation for playing in on the drum set.
  • In each of the 101 Drum Solos, rhythms, techniques and exercises of all kinds have been fused into a self-contained drum composi­tion. Each composition is limited to one page, so that everything remains manageable and can be grasped quickly.


  • Preface
  • Idea and Concept
  • The Drum Set
  • Note Values
  • Rhythm Exercises 1 – A, B, C
  • Rhythm Exercises 2 – 1–14
  • Paradiddle 15, 16
  • Warm-up 17–29
  • Sixteenth Hi-Hat Notes Right Handed 30–34
  • Sixteenth Hi-Hat Notes R/L Handed 35–39
  • Quarter Hi-Hat Notes 40–44
  • Quarter Offbeat Hi-Hat Notes 45–49
  • Sixteenth Hi-Hat Notes 50–54
  • Sixteenth Hi-Hat Notes 55–59
  • 6/8 Triplet Notes 60–64
  • 12/8 Triplet Notes 65–69
  • Double Paradiddle 70–74
  • Shuffle 75–79
  • Shuffle 80–84
  • Double Bass 85–101
  • The History of the Drum Set
  • Drum Brands and Cymbal Manufacturers
  • Alexander Kästli
Introduction by the author:
First of all, I would like to thank you for your decision to choose this versatile book. So now you have a drum instruction book that can make you a good and versatile drummer.

Rhythms are like life, with many hectic, turbulent, wild, violent and rebellious, as well as very calm and gentle to harmoniously melting, sweet moments.

After more than 30 years of teaching experience at various music schools in Switzerland, I look back on a time in which I was able to inspire and teach many students for the drums. Some of my students took the same path as I did and are now also teaching as music and drum teachers or have taken the path as musicians. I am very grateful for all the years that I was given the opportunity to have had – and of course still have – countless talented, motivated and also partly successful drum students.

This gave me the desire to put down on paper the many rhythms and techniques of the various styles. So I developed the idea for “101 Drum Solos”, finally writing a simple, understandable, educational learning concept.

Thanks again for choosing this book. I’m sure you’ll get great enjoyment out of it. After the teaching tests of my teacher colleagues showed that you can work very successfully with this method, I give you this book with my full conviction on your learning path. And so I release the starting signal for this book!

I wish you much joy and success with this book.
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