Gomes, Sergio: New Ways of Brazilian Drumming (Buch + CD)

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New Ways of Brazilian Drumming presents a contemporary vision regarding Brazilian rhythms for drumset, including history and percussion scores of those rhythms, from the traditional patterns to the new concept of “Brazilian Claves” The 96 tracks CD showcases all rhythms and several exercises, besides a samba and a maracatu play-along, providing everything a musician of any country needs in order to develop an authentic Brazilian musical language.

Since my first trip to Brazil in 1992 until now, I have seen firsthand the great enthusiasm that Sergio Gomes has for taking his native Brazilian folk rhythms, orchestrating them on the drumset, and sharing this knowledge with students. This book is a concise, easy to follow extension of that enthusiasm. I know it will be invaluable to those of us who love the music of Brazil but still find it mystifying. Thank You Sergio! – John Hollenbeck

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