Guilfoyle, Conor: Rhythmic Reading for Drummers (Buch + CD)

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Rhythmic Reading for Drummers (Buch + CD) - 58 S.; rhythmische Leseübungen am Drumset, Text engl.

Rhythmic Reading for Drummers is the essential guide to understanding rhythmic notation. Starting with the basics and working step by step, until all the common rhythmic patterns have been fully explained. The notation is clearly laid out, complete with counting methods and exercises for each example.


For the beginner, it’s the ideal method to understand, learn and play any rhythmic figure.


For the intermediate student, it contains a wealth of exercises and explanations, taking the mystery out of those common, yet rarely explained rhythmic figures.


For the advanced student, there are a series of challenging rhythmic solos, as well as new sets of syncopation exercises notated with and without the quarter note.


For the teacher, it’s the ideal reference book which can also be used as a supplementary study for snare or drum kit.


With over 70 explanations and exercises, Rhythmic Reading for Drummers is the ideal addition to every drummer and drum teacher’s library.

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