Karas, Sperie: Rock-O-Pation for Today's Drummer

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Rock-O-Pation for Today's Drummer - 84 pages; 50 exercises to master sight-reading in Rock; Text english/deutsch

ROCK-O-PATION - the rocking counterpart to Ted Reed's classic snare book Syncopation for the Modern Drummer - is more than just an exercise book. Now you can also perfect your sight reading in the Rock Idiom in a systematic way. The bilingual edition (English/German) offers specific exercises in 4/4, but also in odd and even changing meters. Each reading exercise includes suggested bass drum and hi-hat patterns for playing not just as a snare exercise, but also on set. In addition to sight reading, this also trains coordination, and Sperie gives you suggestions for integration into your own repertoire. With the exercises in this book, you will be perfectly prepared for all the challenges you face when it comes to reading current pop and rock music.

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