Fabig, Jörg: Drum Along II - 10 More Rock Classics (Book + CD)

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Play with The Hooters, Kaiser Chiefs, Bryan Adams, U2 and others.

  • 10 leadsheets for drummers.
  • Includes CD with full version and playalong version with clicktrack.
  • The author is an experienced teacher, especially for beginners and also works as a band coach

  • Songlist
    Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo [Bloodhoundgang]
    Here Without You [3 Doors Down]
    In My Place [Coldplay]
    In The Shadows [Rasmus, The]
    Johnny B. [Hooters, The]
    Pride (In The Name Of Love) [U2]
    Ruby [Kaiser Chiefs]
    Run To You [Adams, Bryan]
    This Love [Maroon 5]
    Two Princes [Spin Doctors]
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