Rohema Groove Cubes

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Rohema Groove Cubes - developed in collaboration with Philipp Borgmann, Set of 9 cubes, with which you can dice grooves and fills


With the Rohema Groove Cubes you bring more variety into your drum practice routine. The coincidence decides what you drum.

The set contains 9 beech wood cubes. These different notebooks are printed to combine rhythms.

Two cubes together form the bass drum / snare drum combination. With another cube, the HI-Hat figure is combined. The Fill Cubes are four cubes that together form a fill combination, which you might not have come. An additional Tempowufel offers 6 different game speeds in BPM (beats per minute). A small gimmick, with which you can either set the actual speed or a tempo as a "exercise target".

With the Rohema Groove Cubes, there are completely new possibilities of the daily exercise routine for drummer, especially for drumming teachers and their students. How often does it happen that you always have the same rhythms, beats or fills!?

With the rhythm cubes you can choose the coincidence and have a new challenge every day, which you can implement on the drum set. Drum students can dice their exercises together until the next hour themselves. Improve and sharpen the skills in note reading, embroidery and orchestration.

The Groove Cubes have a side length of 30 millimeters. The small box with all 9 cubes fits loosely into every bag and you always have the dice.

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