Weitzel, Arend: 18 nackte! Etüden für 2 Pauken

Weitzel, Arend: 18 nackte! Etüden für 2 Pauken

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18 barenaked etudes for 2 timpani - 12 pp .; 18 Études without lecture titles; intermediate to advanced

"Clothes make the person!" is a well-known phrase. If we apply this to music, we could say: "Creating makes the music!" To give the player the greatest possible amount of freedom, these 18 etudes have no performance indications whatsoever. Etude no. 6 does not even have a time signature. In contrast to the book "Songs without forte", the original songs are not shown.  

The notated musical "raw material" is - and not only because it is limited to two timpani - consciously kept on the simple side for the most part, since this is typical in the timpani literature. This reduction should be seen as an impetus to bring music to life that is "hidden" between the notes. The etudes may and should be creatively interpreted and formed in every way with regards to tempo, phrasing, dynamics and articulation. In the best of cases, they should sound like short character pieces that do not sound like etudes! 

Because they focus solely on musical interpretation, these etudes are also suitable as artistic challenges for auditions.

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