Lenert, Catherine: Quatre Baguettes a la clé

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Quatre Baguettes a la clé - 80 pages; method to learn 4-mallet-technique for Marimba and Vibraphone; Text french

This four-mallet method for marimba and vibraphone is designed to be a progressive approach to specific four-mallet playing techniques. It is divided into four sections in order to progressively increase difficulty and complexity.

Each section typically offers various sequential exercises. Some of them build on fundamental skills and knowledge while others focus on more complex notions that are essential for the four-mallet technique. Together, they will help students gradually acquire better technical and musical autonomy.

The selected pieces of music meet various levels of difficulty and cover a wide range of musical styles and genres, thus enabling students to develop better listening skills, improve their technique, quality of sound, phrasing and articulation as well as develop their musical personalities.

I purposely avoid giving specific ‘grip’ indications so as to leave students and teachers free to choose what suits them best, according to their wishes and preferences.

While most pieces may be practiced and performed indifferently on marimba or vibraphone, some are better suited to one or the other instrument. In such cases, the instrument is specified.

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