Steinquest, David: Meditation and Dance for Marimba

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Meditation and Dance for Marimba - 4 Min., 4 mallets; intermediate

Meditation is a sensitive, rubato movement which utilizes the marimba to its fullest. In contrast, Dance has a lilting, driving feel.


Musical Features Meter = 4/4 throughout the “Meditation”; changing meters in the “Dance”; beginning in 7/8.
Tempo = Rubato w/quarter-note = 60 in “Meditation”; “With Fire” (quarter = 176) in the “Dance”
Expressive markings = limited dynamics in “Meditation”; a few more in the “Dance.”
Technical Features Mostly independent strokes with very few rolls in “Meditation”; only one short 4-mallet roll in the “Dance.”
Mainly double-lateral strokes between the two hands with predominantly 4th and 5th intervals in the “Dance.”
Interval changes are small, and reaches are no more than a 6th in either movement.
The piece is very idiomatic for the marimba.
Duration Approx. 4 minutes for both movements
Instrumentation Marimba 4 Octave (C3 to C7) - 4 Mallets
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