Rosauro, Ney: Mestre Zeferino for Marimba Solo

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Mestre Zeferino for Marimba Solo - 7 Min.; Fantasy over a theme from Zeferino Nandayapa; 5-Octave-Marimba, 4 Mallets, Opus 53, advanced

This fantasy over a theme from Zeferino Nandayapa was commissioned for the II Concurso Latinoamericano de Marimbistas 2013. The work for solo marimba (5 octaves) is based on a theme from “Fidelidad from Fantasia Profana” written by master Nandayapa. The work has several cadenza-like passages that depict mestre Zeferino free runs and improvisational style during his performances. The secondary theme is in the Lydian mode, which characterizes the music from the Northeast of Brazil. This mode brings some sadness to the piece and together with 2 empty measures in the middle of the piece suggests that we miss master Zeferino among us. Being written for a marimba competition the work gives lots of opportunities for the player to show off not just his technical skills but also his musicality by performing rubato passages and cadenzas. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to spend time with master Zeferino on several occasions and this piece is my sincere homage for this very special man who left a real Mexican marimba legacy for the world. Ney Rosauro , January 2013

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