Raskatov, Alexander: Abgesang für Marimba bassa sola

Raskatov, Alexander: Abgesang für Marimba bassa sola

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Abgesang für Marimba bassa sola - 4 Min.; 4 mallets, completely rolled, advanced

In autumn 2002 the Moscow Conservatory asked me to write a little piece on the occasion of Yuri Kholopov's 70th birthday. Since I had been a long-time student of this renowned and highly regarded music theorist, I deized on the idea with pleasure.

From the proposed instruments I picked out the marimba bassa. The title of the piece refers to the medieval 'bar form' which we were studying with Kholopov at that time. Its parts AAB are called 'Stollen-Stollen-Abgesang'. Herewith I wanted to express a 'merry nostalgic' feeling as well as my gratitude to my teacher.

The piece consists of 70 bars to be played in the tempo of M.M. 70. In the second section the marimba player is meant to sing along with the low marimba tremolo in order to produce the illusion of a low wavy chorus.

The work can be prefomed by man or woman, the latter singing an octave higher. (Alexander Rastakov)

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