Golinski, Tomasz: The Mirror for Solo Marimba

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The Mirror for Solo Marimba - 4 Min.; 5-Oktav-Marimba, 4 mallets; advanced

Composed in 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

"We are living in times in which the creation of our own image became, for most of the people in the Western Culture, a
daily routine. The creation which in many cases became an obsession and a fixation to project and share the superficial,
visualized version of self. The projection became so strong that it created separate entity, embodied into the binary system.
This system, composed of artificial cells, also cannot exist without daily dose of calories. The most important, primary life-
giving unit for this entity is ego. Visualized self, composed of 0 and 1 digits chain gets the main focus from both the player
and the observer. It is fed so much, it grew and grew to become an archetype and pushed the original far away, hidden by
the force of ego and fear. The projected self is trained to receive the reward for participating in the spectacle. It creates the
feeling of realism and materialize in the form of colors and shapes. The reward activates, in the real self, a chemical
reaction which frequently triggers an enormous layers of emotions. The linkage between these two entities is obvious. The
question is: Who do I see?
The Mirror gives you the opportunity to look inside yourself. To take a realistic journey inside the complex aspects of your
personality." (T.Golinski)

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