Naito, Akemi: Memory of the Woods for Solo Marimba

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Memory of the Woods for Solo Marimba - 9 Min.; 4 Mallets dedicated to William Moersch; advanced

5 Octave Marimba Recommended, 4.5 or 4.3 Adaptable

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Memory the Woods by Akemi Naito is a beautifully contemplative marimba solo that is different from most of the literature out there - it never becomes aggressive or intense, even when the music picks up in speed. The notes are tonal, but you won't find a traditional tonal center.

The music is written in short 'ideas' that sometimes include chorales, sometimes flowing lines, and always plenty of space in which to reflect on the sounds of the marimba.

Don't judge the difficulty of this piece by its calm nature - often the musical lines reach very far on the instrument, and maintaining the correct character while playing fast, wide lines can be a challenge all by itself.

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