Schwarz, Andreas: Groove Poetry for Marimba

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Groove Poetry for Marimba - 44 pages; 8 solos pieces for 5-Octave-Marimba (some suggestions for smaller instruments), 4 mallets; groovy percussive and calm rolled music, predominantly in odd-time signatures; medium to advanced level

To this book:

In this collection of eight pieces for solo marimba, you will find groovy an percussive music, as well as calm, fully rolled choral music that is melodious, rhythmical, lyrical and, for the most part, "in flow", with motion, reassuringly, seriously, or even mischievously. It includes eight compositions, predominantly in odd-time signatures, which range from medium to advanced levels of technical compelxity but are always clear and simple in structure.

For most of pieces, a big five-octave marimba is requiered. Whenever it makes sense, technically and musically, you will find suggestions on how to play same of them on smaller instruments (p. 40-43). Additional advice, as well as tips for choice of mallets, is offered.

The stickings are set as shown on p. 43. Many stickings are specified by the music itself. Wherever is possible, I have identified them by notation (in different staves or with stem direction). In such cases, I have not printed any additional numbers.


Here We Go!

This is a moderately fast piece in 3/4 time, which plays with rhythmic indentation of melody and accomaniment respectively in its place time. It comes along like a light jog or a brisk Sunday Morning walk.

Dance of the Goblins

Here we have a melodic dance in "uncommon" 7/8 time, which distinguishes itself, above all, by the fact that the minor melody changes its position in unexpected ways; it starts and ends with a ride in octaves through the scale.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

This has nothing to do with thr eponymous film but with the idea of a real cat creeping over a roof, hot or otherwise. Eventually, the cat jumps down from the roof.

Groove Poetry

This is a groovy, melodic piece in e minor with lyrical interludes that sound like a poem. It combines two themes in 5/8 and 3/8 measures all over the instrument. It is helpful that most marimba players are endowed with the ability to play percussion well!

Magic Moment in the Afternoon

This piece of music plays with groups of three and quadruplets in 9/8 measures. What can sound worse than this? Moreover, each note of broken chord is combined with two beats to produce big musical lines - sometimes below, somtimes on top, sometimes in front and sometimes behind. Although a magical piece, unfortunately, it is also strangely difficult.

Morning Glory

This piece is a chorale with a noble theme, which arises out darkness like morning sun on a new day! It is continuously rolled.

Walkin' on White Clouds

Walking on white clouds – what would that be like? Here is the answer: This groovy, melodic 5/4-measured piece naturally goes high in the sky!


This is the only marimba piece I know that has been composed from the outset as an encore. It is fast, funny, and although strictly through-composed, it should not be taken too seriously!

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