Oetomo, Robert: Four Fantasies for Solo Marimba Vol. 1

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Four Fantasies for Solo Marimba Vol. 1 - 15 Min.; 4 mallets; intermediate to advanced; 1. Prelude; 2. Nostalgia; 3. ‘Selah’ 4. A Beautiful Farewell


‘Fantasy’ is a musical term used for works that are based on improvisations. The size and scale of fantasies vary from one composer to another. However, fantasies are typically classified as small-scale works. 

Composed chronologically from 2012 to 2013, Four Fantasies (vol. 1) is a collection of improvisations inspired by emotions or events indicated by the title. Most of them comprise of two contrasting themes. 

Fantasy No. 1: Prelude was composed on a sunny winter’s afternoon shortly upon my arrival in Germany from Australia. The title reflects the beginning of a new chapter in my life. 

Fantasy No. 2: Nostalgia was composed whilst reminiscing about my friends and family in Australia whom I dearly missed. This fantasy does not imply a feeling of sadness or homesickness, but rather reflects positively on the past. 

‘Selah’ is a biblical term from the book of Psalms and Habakkuk meaning to pause and to reflect. Fantasy No. 3: Selah  was composed during a time of difficulty and was a way for me to reflect upon the Divine. 

Fantasy No. 4: A Beautiful Farewell  was composed before my return to Germany from Australia after living abroad for 10 months. Like the second fantasy, it is a positive reflection upon my time at home whilst knowing that I would soon return. 

In Fantasy No. 3: Selah, note the different markings used to differentiate between an independent roll/one-hand roll (mostly in the right hand marked with ‘z’) and a traditional roll (in both hands marked with ‘roll notes’). The written out ʺaccelerando/deaccelerandoʺ figures are only to be used as a guide. The amount of notes played in each of these figures is up to the performer’s choice. However, it must fit within the notated value shown above the figures.

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