Koors, Zachary M.: Merge for Marimba Duet

Product no.: 048-2032
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Merge for Marimba Duet - 4'30 Min.; 2 Players on one 5-Octave-Marimba, 4 Mallets, intermediate

Watch a full performance below.


A duet for two marimbas that is upbeat, fun to play, pretty and useable for a wedding ceremony. The syncopation and rhythmic exchange is reminiscent of the dance like quality of marriage, as two people are moving through life together in a cohesive unit. The last note, to be left unresolved, communicates that a wedding is merely the beginning to a life-long commitment. The piece is written for two players on 5.0 octave instruments with 4 mallets each.

Watch a full performance below.

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