Bauer, Franz: MarimbaVibes for Vibraphone and Marimba

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MarimbaVibes for Vibraphone and Marimba - 3 Min.; 2 Jazz-Duos: Something + Sounds and Ramps for Two; intermediate to advanced

Audio Something

Audio Sound and Ramps

"Something" was created with impressions from the world of slow rock ballades. The musical feeling includes the heavy back beat and uses the fantastic sounds and harmonies possible with this selection of instruments.
The marimba part is written for a 5-octave instrument, particular passages can however be played in a different octave if necessary.
"Sounds and Ramps for Two" moves from a freely played rubato introduction into a slow narrative tempo. The marimba leads with the melody while the vibraphone plays a colorful accompaniment or comments on the melody with short chord cascades. A 12/8 groove unravels, rich in nuances, inspired by African drum music. At certain points, for example directly after the lyrical vibraphone theme, the rhythm and sound intensify creating musical
'ramps' for the solos that open up new possibilities for the players to express themselves.
The marimba part is for a 4.3-octave instrument.

The vibraphone and marimba solos in both pieces can be played as written. Players can, of course, use their own creative ideas instead.


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