Berg, Daniel: Mallet Ensembles Vol. 1

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Mallet Ensembles Vol. 1 - 15 Min.; 3 songs for Mallet-Quartet; intermediate; optional parts Perc./Drums + Bass


Daniel Berg has a great passion for teaching and a dream that more children and young people will find the melodic percussion instruments. In Mallet Ensembles the level is a little more difficult compared to his earlier booklets for Youth - Easy Solos, Easy Duets and Easy Marching Percussion. The hope with these scores is to awaken a curiosity and a bridge to the classical repertoire for mallet instruments, but also an encouragement to play music with each other!

These three songs are orchestrated for a couple of mallet instruments – to get a rich and ”fat sound”, please double each part on both marimba and vibraphone in several octaves.

Walking' in Central Park
Mallets for FONK!

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