Berg, Daniel: Mallet Ensembles Vol. 2

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Mallet Ensembles Vol. 2 - 15 Min.; 3 Titel für Mallet-Quartett: Don't stop the groove!, Tellus, Ride the Wind; mittelschwer;
Glockenspiel, 2 Vibraphone, 1 Marimbas, Percussion/Drum Set, Bass

As many kids, I started to play drums and later in the teens I got in contact with the melodic percussion… and I was stucked!  With the songs in Mallet Ensembles I have an attempt to  awaken a young drummers curiosity for marimba and  vibrphone. Therefore I use repeated technical patterns in the  chord parts, quite easy to learn, but a little bit tricky and fun  for a drummer to play. 

These three songs are orchestrated for a couple of mallet  instruments – to get a rich and ”fat sound”, please double each  part on both marimba and vibraphone in several octaves.  The glockenspiel part is grade as easy, melody part is a little bit  harder and chord parts intermediate.

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