Beck, Matthew: Excerpt Etude for Snare Drum

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Excerpt Etude for Snare Drum - 2 S.; beinhaltet 31 Orchesterstudien für Kleine Trommel in einer Etüde

This challenging etude provides a unique approach to practicing the standard classical snare drum repertoire. More than thirty works are referenced in the Etude, and there are often multiple quotations of the same work. In fact, only one note in the entire Etude cannot be attributed to previously composed orchestral literature. This Etude is much more than a “stringing together” of excerpts. Through juxtaposition and metric modulations, the Etude demonstrates that seemingly dissimilar motives are in fact related. In addition to providing an endurance challenge, the Etude is stimulating rhythmically and musically. The pulse remains the same for large sections of the Etude, although the subdivisions are ever changing; forcing the performer to develop a solid internal pulse. Sudden dynamic changes present additional technical challenges, while perhaps the most difficult aspect of the Etude is the challenge to preserve the character of each excerpt. A unique piece for study, contest or the recital hall.  adv. high school/college.

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