Neciosup,Hector/Rosa,Jose: The Contemporary Hand Drummer (Buch + CD)

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The Contemporary Hand Drummer is a welcome addition to the canon of Afro-Caribbean hand drum method books. Hector and Jose have created a book that clearly explains the foundations of Afro-Caribbean music, including an excellent presentation of the clave concept, and a comprehensive chapter containing the patterns of many of the most popular rhythms.

Several of the most important figures in the traditions and development of Afro-Caribbean hand drumming are included in this text... The sections on applying the rudiments and on independence training have applications beyond hand drumming and will make any one mastering this material a stronger musician and percussionist.

As the expectations of what a percussionist should know and the number of instruments he or she is expected to perform on continues to grow, books like this one are heaven sent and all too rare. Clear instructions and logically sequenced, this is a book that will help all who use it experience the indescribable feeling one gets while playing Afro-Caribbean music... I thank Jose and Hector for writing this book and for sharing with you and me their incredible knowledge of this wonderful music.

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