Sidibe, Sega: Djembe Solos (Book + CD)

Sidibe, Sega: Djembe Solos (Book + CD)

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Djembe Solos (Buch + CD) - 64 P.; Djembe Solo-Phrasen, modern und traditionell; Suku, Denba foli, Dansa, etc.; CD mit Demos und Play-alongs; Text engl.

Djembé Solos by Sega Sidibe, one of the last guardians of the tradition of Malian Djembe masters, features a variety of inspired solo phrases, variations and rhythms, including Suku, Denba foli and Dansa, considered by the ancients as the founders' rhythms.

In this book, Sidibe proposes a method of learning in 6 steps, which offers students the chance to develop their own variations. Djembé Solos features theory and preparatory exercises written in simplified notation. Two CDs are also included, containing recordings of each rhythm played at different tempos, along with supporting measures for their implementation.

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