Graf, Alan: Accessoires go Classic (Buch + CD)

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Dear Percussionist!

Ready to face another musical challenge; a quick and easy new learning experience?
With a CD – listening to the original and practicing with a play-along?

Then this is exactly what you’re looking for!

I have been scanning percussion literature for simple introductions to the world of accessories for years – in vain. An introductory method should above all be entertaining so that students get to approach those fabulous instruments in a playful manner without losing interest afterwards. While many existing methods start off with simple exercises, a few pages in they generally feature exercises that students cannot manage even after months. And the presentation is extremely dry!

I was annoyed by these circumstances, and therefore undertook to write this book focusing on easy rhythms. The method’s structure is progressive, moving from an elementary to a slightly more difficult level.

The book comes with a CD featuring classical pieces recorded by a young pianist – thus it won’t get dull at any point and you don’t have to play by yourself all the time.

Besides offering young musicians (and those that are still young at heart) an insight into various works by great composers, providing an introduction to a number of percussion instruments and teaching simple and slightly more challenging rhythmical patterns, this book will most importantly permit students to practice with the play-along at home. By listening to the original, the young percussionists can hear what it should sound like and then make an attempt themselves with the play-along.
I made a conscious effort to note the individual patterns in as simple a way as possible (e.g. without any dots or ties). However, inserting a few variations was at times unavoidable, and this will spice things up a bit! I already purposefully wrote down individual patterns in a number of different ways in my previous method 20 Easy Duets

There are some pieces in Accessories go Classic which require you to play the same thing time and again for, say, 24 bars. We encounter this in our everyday musical life all the time, so get counting!

A little hint: the patterns of the main voice will at times considerably ease your acquisition of some of the rhythmical samples.
Accessories go classic is designed for self- as well as teacher-based-instruction, and also addresses percussion newcomers.

The patterns are easily acquired because of the accompanying CD.
That’s enough talking – hit the instruments and enjoy your time!
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